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I was talking to another homeschooler today and she was telling me she registers her children's grades. When i said we don't do this (wouldn't even have a way to do this since we're pretty relaxed - I've never tested or graded or anything) she said that we would definitely want/need to do this for high school since colleges required this, even of homeschoolers.   This is new to me. Can someone please talk to me about this? This isn't true, is it? I mean how would an...
I love this article Lillian and saw it on facebook. Sometimes we all need a little perspective. I know this is especially true for me.   I was looking at Life Learning magazine after you recommended it this weekend and was a wee bit disappointed it was just digital, but I think I may have to subscribe after all and get over it. I like the environmental aspect of it, but somehow I have a harder time reading magazine format online.
Thank you for the feedback everyone! Makes me feel better. We definitely appreciate how much she loves reading. In fact, we often have to say "time to stop reading" because it's time for a bath or brushing teeth. I just didn't want to miss something I *should* be doing with her. Glad to hear we're doing fine.
We definitely do a lot of audio books, and we've started on the Island Level of MCT - are the vocabulary books different from those? We've not gone that far in the Island Level books - mostly just Grammar and Poetry.   So you don't think there's anything extra I need to be doing, other than what we're doing?   My goal for this year is to read aloud at least one new classic book a month (or so).  I just ordered The Hobbit yesterday.
My dd is a reader. She is almost 8 and has been reading like crazy for a long while now. She reads a lot. She can read stuff like Harry Potter and The Mysterious Benedict Society without problem.   The only question I really have is that I know she doesn't ALWAYS know how to pronounce every single word. Sometimes if she's reading something out loud to us, she might mess up a name or the occasional word (sometimes in hearing herself say the word out loud incorrectly...
  I love this one too, especially since my dd is very much interested in acting and theater! She's going to start an acting class in January, and if she likes it, who knows where it might lead!  
I actually think we may go back and do some stuff we've done before, just for practice and getting her confidence up. And in the meantime, I'll provide her with lots of multiplication games and practice on the side, so that she can start slowly getting that down too (including some Times Tales, Timez Attack, and multiplication.com). We'll see how it goes! Thanks for all the help.   I will say she's been getting better doing mental math all on our own. Just by "life"....
I love Secular Homeschooling!
You know you're a homeschooler when...   ...you have over 200 books out from the library.   ...you get a personal email from said library telling you that they had to put your requested books (26 items) in a special box off to the side because otherwise there isn't enough room for everyone else's stuff, even though you were just in there three days earlier picking up another stack.   ...you have to tell your almost 8 year old several times in a row, every...
LOL, I was just about to ask what pocket chairs and sentence strips are!!!
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