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Thanks for all the advice. I think that's exactly what we'll do. I appreciate the support and ideas!
I'm hoping for some advice. Math is the area I find myself getting most frustrated with my DD (she will be 8 in March). She has always been strong in her math skills, however she does drag her feet when it comes time to actually DOING math. Because of this, I haven't done it as regularly as we should have (instead of doing it daily, we've been doing it once or twice a week). We are currently on Singapore Math 2B Standards Version - at this point, we are working from the...
I don't quite know what I'm looking for either!! Maybe books that give ideas on HOW to put books together (fun books), story starter ideas, anything really.   Have you used the link you posted? Is it good?!
My dd (almost 8) has been writing little stories into books lately. I am loving it!!   Any ideas for inspiration for her?
Hello again fellow San Diegan! We're in North County!
Uh oh. DD's grandmother just bought her Island of the Blue Dolphins. Before she reads it, can you give me a quick overview as to what makes it not so appropriate for her age? Just want to make sure before she reads it. Thanks!  
We loved The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, so I appreciate your recommendation!!!
That's fantastic. I had no idea!
Wow, which Stephen Hawking book are you reading to your 7 year old?   We own a great number of books and are at the point where we get most of what we want from the library and then only buy the great reference books these days. Yet, sometimes I wonder if we should be also buying the classics (we have some), but then again, we're going to run out of room!!
I haven't looked into those - thank you though, I will definitely check them out :)
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