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Thanks for the reminder. I've started playing this and Word Factory for my 4.5 year old. He's VERY into it and wanting to learn. What ELSE would be good for him at this stage? He knows his letters, but he doesn't know the sounds for ALL of them (though Letter Factory is helping with that). He is also VERY interested in writing - he is always writing, copying things from soup cans and boxes, etc.! Would love suggestions for him.
I'm trying to spice things up a little in our house. DD is 7.5 YO and avid reader. DS is 4.5 and WANTING to learn stuff. We're getting kind of tired of the free sites (but I'm open to more and new ones). We've tried Time4Learning.com in the past - we cancelled it when it didn't get enough use. I'd consider trying that again if it's considered the best. Part of the reason it wasn't used was busy life at the time. Any advice?
How funny Lillian - I came across the following link just the other day and bookmarked it so we could play a little after Halloween. http://www.candyexperiments.com/p/experiments.html
Wanted to come back and say that we subscribed to Kids Discover based on recommendations here (but haven't received the first copy yet). I'm also really interested in trying out Living Through History (think that's the name) magazine, but I'm not sure if it's age appropriate - might be for a bit older age group.
We just started getting Appleseeds (dd is 7.5) and that seems pretty good!
These sites look interesting! I wonder which would be better - cosmeo.com or iknowthat.com - I am interested in trying one of them for sure.
We're doing cursive this year also (dd is 7.5; grade 2). This is a perfect year for her to start because she's interested and ready. We are working our way through the first cursive book. At the end of it, we'll practice writing some letters to grandparents using cursive. I also write some notes (or poems or whatever) in cursive and then let her read it out loud, just to get her used to reading cursive. She likes that because she is happy she can now read cursive.
My husband was travelling for a couple weeks for work and came home with a magazine page ripped out from skymall, lol. He was very gung ho about the Video Screen Microscope below. http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Def...2&refsku=75373 ETA: lots cheaper on amazon, but I see that the reviews are bad, so ignore, lol! http://www.amazon.com/Celestron-4434...7604367&sr=8-1 It is pricey, but I thought I'd ask here - I know good microscopes are expensive anyway, and we are in...
Looks like The Hub may be playing Timeblazers once a week - our dvr recorded one this week on Sunday morning around 1:30am. I'll just save all the ones that are recorded so my kids can watch a little bit longer.
Beakman's World on Instant Netflix officially a huge hit. I had no idea there were so many!!! 24 per season and there are four seasons available for instant watching. LOVE. My kids have already deemed Beakman's World better than Bill Nye, hehe, which is good since we don't have easy access to Bill Nye now that we've moved. Good thing we watched all of them last year. I guess this can be the year of Beakman! Seriously though, is there anything better than your kids (7.5...
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