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I do agree it would be nice if there were notes "hey this is a Bible story" or "this is actually a Greek Myth", however it doesn't bother me enough not to use it. I haven't found anything that is as good for us (especially because we love the audio) and we've spent enough time on Bible stories and Greek Mythology that my dd does know most of the time what's what.
Looks like Discovery Kids is gone for good, according to their web site. It's VERY disappointing. http://kids.discovery.com/
Interesting about Fetch. My son absolutely LOVES the online game they have Germinator. I guess I'll have to go ahead and record the show to check it out!
hehe, yep, we love Magic School Bus also. We've owned the dvds for years and my kids have watched them many times (and read the books).
Thanks Elizawill, just added a bunch of new stuff to my queue!
Unfortunately the network that took over for Discovery Kids seems to be hosting shows about kids toys, blech. Things like Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, etc. I really, really, really wish they would have a great network just for kids educational viewing!
We love Beakman's and Liberty's Kids also! Definitely send more suggestions if you have them Thanks so far! ETA: I just added all the Beakman's World to our netflix queue. We've only ever seen the "best of beakman's" because we bought it, I didn't know netflix had all of them on their instant play - score!!! Now if only I could get easy access to all the Bill Nye dvds. Our old library had them all, but our new library doesn't
Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 It puts me to sleep immediately!!! My kids absolutely LOVE the audio versions. I always have them playing in the car - we do those instead of the books, and it's wonderful because when we do our reading of different books, she knows most of it already, just because she listened to them several times on cd. And hey, when we're in the car, there's not much else to do anyway. But then again, I love Jim...
We've always enjoyed Timeblazers, which was shown on Discovery Kids. They just changed the network over to something called HUB. No more Timeblazers Now we have to find some new educational shows to record (or buy or netflix). Any good suggestions?
The Mysterious Benedict Society - even *I* love these books, my 7.5 year old eats them up. They are longer than the books you listed though.
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