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ax ska dents = accidents hop sta bowl = hospital
Hi all, I'm returning after being gone since Feb , right before my babe was born. My name is Pam and my dd Anna was due March 20 but born early on March 9. My baby doesn't roll or even try to crawl b/c that would mean she is out of my arms and on the floor, LOL. I don't mind holding her though b/c she'll grow and be gone fast enough. She is trying to pull herself up into a sitting position when she is in her carseat. She sleeps pretty good - only waking between...
Fenugreek has worked for me but I only used it after my milk supply was well established.
I'm going through the same thing right now with my almost 5 month old. I just wait till she is a little more hungry and keep offering every so often till she does nurse. It is frustrating.
I put the pump away at 12 months with my first and went 2 more yrs nursing and never needed it.
My painful, pins and needles like, letdown went away by the time dd's were 2 months old. Oh, with the 2d baby the letdown was much worse than with the first, but it did go away.
I use the slings all the time at resteraunts, so nice that they have them these days.
Date baby will be born: Hoping for March 4 (due Mar 20) but probably will be born April 1st. Time: 3:00 a.m. How long will labor be: Hoping for 24 hours or less (first labor was 52 hours) Boy or Girl: Girl Hair: Red Eyes: green W: 7 lbs 10 ozs L: 20 inches
I've been wearing nursing bras since July 01. I'm actually going to get properly fitted in a few weeks. The birth center I go to has a LC every Monday from 12-4 and she will do fittings.
I used hypnobirthing with my first and will be doing it again this time.
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