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Thanks for all the info awesome Mamas. Some Turtles Have Nice shells is a good book as well. I haven't seen the family with 14 kids and thier bus yet. I'll have to check that out. I'm really interested in folks doing the conversion with their own 2 hands, their efforts and not just throwing alot of money at it-that does not impress me. My current adventure with it is finding an insurance company. Ugh, this is proving to be a tough thing. They will insure it if it...
kimmom-That's great you have 5 and your youngest is also named Cedar! I gotta tell you guys, having 5 kids and especially because I have children, I want to show them the world. I believe this is the best education. Real living, out in the natural world, hands-on. All of the seats are now out. And guess who is doing the demolition...Papa of course but it's my 13 year old son who is right there in the thick of things.
Thanks! I'll take all the advice anyone wants to give. I love hearing from folks who have done it. It's inspiring!! There are so many great buses and converted this and that where I live, people are so creative. Yes, we have 5 children, which makes it that much more of a challenge. We plan to put in a big bed and 2 sets of bunks. We'll have tents and maybe a tipi too. Still in the early planning stages, we'll see what happens.
We plan to convert it into a sustainable living space and home on the road.
We just bought our bus!! Have been dreaming for many years. Now the work begins! You can see her here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11956213@N05/2215892208/ Thanks for letting me share my joy with you. And I look forward to networking with other "skoolies".
We've been to The Cob Cottage and met with Ianto several times. Such inspiration! And just yesterday my son met with Kiko Denzer. There is such smart freedom and grace to these styles of building.
No pic yet. I'm knitting some longies with this Malabrigo that I received from a trade. Oh my! My first experience with this. I'm in L O V E! It's so soft, like silk. Thanks for telling me all about it you guys!
We've been making our own and the kids really enjoy watching them come alive. The whole process is great fun for me.
Here's a small bit from ours: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y16...2/MVC-058F.jpg
New Posts  All Forums: