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Hello! Another "transplanted" mama here. Born in Czechoslovakia (or what was Czechoslovakia at that time...., now Czech Republic), moved to Algeria at age 3, moved to Switzerland at age 6 and grew up there. I then met DH and moved to Canada at age 24, where I have now been for the past 8 years. I have dual citizenship (swiss & canadian) but consider myself Swiss. Being "canadian" is mostly an administrative thing for me. I live here so I want to partake in the...
Tonight is grilled Dorada with asparagus.
What a neat sub-forum! Love it! DS is a dual citizen: Canadian and Swiss... but has zero Canadian and Swiss DNA : ! I am Swiss (well, now also Canadian) but my family is originarily from the Czech Republic (so a mix of German/Polish/Czech in me). DH is Canadian but his family is originarily from Iran. I speak to DS in French and DH speaks to him in English.
I hear you all on the traveling sucking up all the vacation time... We live in Quebec. My parent just retired and bought a condo in Morrocco where they will now be spending most of their time. My sister lives in Switzerland (where we grew up). My MIL lives in BC (Canada's West Coast). My FIL lives in Iran... ... and the rest of the extended family (uncles/aunts/cousins) are sprinkled a bit all over the place (mostly US/Germany/Czech Republic). You can imagine...
Most people are unable to recognize my first language from my accent. I have heard ridiculous things such as Russian or Swedish... whereas I grew up in a French & Czech speaking household : !
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