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i requested to join too! 
me! me! i'm due the 28th, and will likely be induced that day due to insulin dependent gestational diabetes. i've been doing everything i can to avoid it, but as of this morning my cervix was still too closed at the top to even do a sweep. it's apparently nice and soft and opening up, but baby's head is still a bit high. i've been doing lots of acupuncture, moxibustion (she's a bit on the posterior side), drinking gross teas, internal EPO... you name it. hang in...
This is a good thread for me too as both my midwives and OB want to start doing sweeps next week. I've insulin dependent gestational diabetes and they want to do this to avoid induction. I'm very leery of them because I attribute my week long prodromal labour ( with irregular but full on ctx. for a whole week leaving me too exhausted for labour) to the sweep I had on my due date with my last pregnancy. The OB said its highly unlikely the sweep caused it, but I'm still...
Quote: Originally Posted by rightkindofme One small suggestion... Instead of: "*There is nothing wrong with me wanting to meet and hold my baby before everyone else." It is the most right thing in the world for me to want to meet and hold my baby before anyone else. oh, J, i'm sitting here bawling. i'm so sorry your family has made you feel like you even have to reaffirm that to yourself. it *is* the most right thing, and the most...
i've heard time and time again about people buying gifts for their older kid when a sibling comes. i'm planning on taking some time and going on some special little trips/outings with my son before the baby is born so we can have some one on one time, but am unsure about actual presents. what have you experienced mamas done?
thinking of you. keep us posted as you can. xoxo
congratulations! he is just gorgeous. i hope you two get to cuddle soon!
woo-hoo! congratulations, mama!
i'm ready but not ready if you know what i mean! we're in the middle of renos and i would really like for them to be finished before baby comes, but i know that they have their own time schedule! can't wait to see more birth stories pour in! xoxo
little kitten! love it. it sounds like everything went perfectly! i'm so happy! cuddle in, mama!
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