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Sounds like a neat, complex kid!   A lot of people run into the grey area issues like you're seeing for gifted program admission.  It's a shame as these rules seem to ignore the whole child, something that an ideal gifted program would be tuned to serve.   We got a lot of information from the NEPSY-II in teasing apart some of the social learning, visuospatial skills, and other difficulties.  We discovered, for instance, that she can read emotions of faces quite well,...
RP and I are regularly out running at 10 pm, and others are clearly still out. 5 am seems to be comparable in the numbers of people out. I'm actually quite impressed by how many people are out and about in this community. So I'm guessing the hours when people might call 911 for someone jogging past wearing lights and reflective gear is something like 11 pm and 5 am. Skin color is something that the newspaper doesn't report, but I suspect my white, glowing skin in the...
Running in the middle of the night has been written up in the police logs for this town as "suspicious activity."    In the end, I went out at 5:15 am.  Other people were out then, so hopefully I was safe from being suspicious.
Wow, so much loss.  Love and light to all the dingoes suffering loss.   I'm back.  I have a functioning kitchen.  So it's 4 am, my first batch of oatmeal in 3 months is on the stove, and I'm wondering, how early is too early to go for a run?
Lofty, many hugs to you and your DH. On the test, we frequently discuss with our kids that some of the learning they do at school is learning the skills and content, and some of the learning they do is learning to prove to others (mostly teachers at this point) they understand it. We discuss openly the whys and wherefores of the tests, and we make it very clear to our kids that we see the effort and positive approach to learning as most important, and the scores as...
Dinner, knitting (though I can't with my tendonitis flair up), coffee, hiking, chatting.  It all sounds good.   Typhoon edges mean that I can see across the road from the hotel, but not much further.  I can see a lava flow right on the far side of the road, so once it clears up, I plan to check it out.  And the hot springs.  Definitely the hot springs.
Yup, free Sunday the 27th.  I might be free Sat evening, but I need to keep it open-ish in case I have to schmooz. Holy smokes, I just read the agenda for the 26th.  It's 13 pages long!  The agenda!  Well, I guess I always complain about lack of agendas for meetings...  Anyways, the key information here is that I'm scheduled until 5, and I suspect that means I'll be having dinner with this group. 
Checking in from Tokyo.  Good flight over (I waved at kerc as we went right over her town, but I guess she was awol at the time), and I'm now just waiting until it's late enough I can go to bed, since the hotel restaurant that supposedly opens at 5 wasn't open.  Thank goodness for Clif bars.  I'm climbing into bed at 6 pm, fingers crossed I make it until at least 5 am.   Tomorrow: http://www.japanican.com/hotels/ShisetsuDetail.aspx?st=4258004   Many hugs to hurting...
Definitely.  Seinfeld is history to these kids.   ;)   Lofty, you are under such weight.  Are you still getting to the pool?  You know that public schools have so much to offer.  How lucky to be a kid and get to experience both public and home schooling.  Hopefully this experience is positive and it meets his needs.  When does he start?
I just got more travel details for my trip next week.  The hotel hot springs & spa with a view of Mt Fuji.  Think anyone will notice if I didn't go to the conference?  And running paths.  Guess I should pack my running shoes.
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