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I think I found it! Annette Lynch
How do we know that Ali doesn't pick Chris? Or is it just speculation that if she doesn't they will offer for him to be the next Bachelor? I'm rooting for Roberto and Chris! Frank's chest needed to be hidden away...
That is weird! We had some really cheap porn we bought once out of sheer boredom. A friend's brother stole it, we discovered the empty cases a couple days later.
I grew up camping in Colorado. Here are my ideas... Put on clean socks right before bed, they'll keep your feet warm and you won't have to change them in the cold morning. You might want to put the kids' clothes for the next day in the foot of the sleeping bag. I can never keep my sleeping bag zipped up, so I pin it shut with a big safety pin right below the zipper tab. Stocking caps are great, I usually fall asleep with one on and lose it sometime during the night when...
Congrats on working through that Candipooh!! Sounds intimidating. Although, it's likely that if they did even notice you they were admiring your effort, I bet. How is everyone else doing? I signed back up for Sparkpeople, mostly to try to get a sense for how many, and what type of, calories I'm consuming. I came in within their suggested amounts today! Was excited for that.
I'm in this month. I haven't lost any since last month, but I haven't gained either. I quit exercising, I don't know why. It seems like one day I'm scared to succeed and the next day I'm discouraged because I'm not making progress. It's terribly self defeating! Tonight though I'm going to go home and do my walking/jogging. I packed healthy snacks for today at work too! My goal is 4.5 pounds by Earth Day, that'll get me to 245.
My mom sent hot food in a thermos all the time when I was a kid. It was always still hot. She says the trick is to fill the thermos with hot/boiling water, and let it sit in there while you're warming the food, then dump out the water and put the food in. That way the thermos is starting out hot. It seems to work!
I vote for a new thread. New month, new start, right? greenbeing - your plan sounds great! What kind of exercise are you doing?
Good Morning Ladies! How'd you do at reaching your goals? My plan is to do something active 6-7 days/week. I'm walking/jogging 3 days/week with the C25K program. I'm doing push-ups and going on a walk 3 days/week and trying to be mindful to do something active on the 7th day. I'll probably increase this at some point, but for now I'm just working on getting in the swing of it. As far as eating... I am going to try eating fruits and veggies only during my work...
I'm so glad you called the police! But no update.... bummer. Have you checked your bank account/credit reports today? And yes, I'm subscribing.
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