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Thanks everyone. Recovery is moving as expected (normal). Surgery itself felt like I was having labor pains during. Very intense. A doula mentioned that I should think about how my body may have produced similar endorphins as in natural labor that will have benefits for me and baby. Nursing is going well and hospital is very baby friendly (almost officially). Can't wait to get to take all these bracelets off! Will be watching and reading updates. Sorry if I don't post more...
We had our scheduled csection this morning. Samara was born at 8:53am. The surgery was much more difficult than last time and that was attributed to lots of scar tissue from last time. I was really challenged to tollerate the pressure. They brought her over to lay on my chest, but it was too much for me. I amwas feeling better now. She weighed 7lb 10oz as my biggest baby.
Tomorrow is edd by LMP but we are going by u/s date of 7/9. Going for blood work pre op. Trying (unsuccessfully) to hydrate well. Wish my cough would go away because it is going to hurt like a &-!;&/;,&' post op to cough. Not to mention that I don't really want to cough all over my new baby. I guess he/she will have my antibodies, but still annoying. Kind of given up on flipping, I know they say that anterior placenta and malposition don't go hand-in-hand, but I think...
Totally agree!
I have a hard time with permanent birth control even though I don't want to even think about having to prepare for another c-section ever again and I seem to be trending breech presentation. My hcp offers essure which seems interesting. I have been non-ovulatory most of my life unless medicated so it seems like "overkill".
Finally started maternity leave today! Kids are at camp. I am trying to clean up my house a little. Right now there is so much stuff lying around, it's probably a fire hazard!   DH is home...and has now decided that he will help trying to turn the baby. You should have seen me last night. Breech tilt on ironing board, flashlight, music, heat, ice pack. I just figured I'd let him at it. Not much to lose. Breech tilt is definitely tough at this point though. Plus I...
DH came home...yay! But it is like my body gave out. I am totally coming down with a cold and probably delivering by c section on Friday! Last c, I was nervous about unknown. Now i am nervous about what I remember.
Great news! We tried ice on the head for my DD...and guess what? She loves having a ice pack on her head. Who would have guessed?
Good luck with your ECV. They are no walk in the park. I just read about someone in the June ddc who had a successful one at 39 weeks. I tried one last time and it didn't flip my baby, but also didn't cause any problems for her. I haven't tried one this time. But I think you are better off since baby is transverse and not breech. Will be looking for your update!
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