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SNAP IT!  As from many other posts...time is money.  As soon as you get any kind of important paper or schedule for yourself or your CHILD - TAKE A PICTURE.  You know you'll always have a copy on your phone that you can send to yourself via email if needed.
Use your ipad to go GREEN.  If you can't get the book via pdf, scan it on your scanner and then place the document in your Dropbox.  Open the pdf on your ipad in a program like NOTABILITY and allow your child to read, color, or in our case HOMESCHOOL on the ipad.  No more paper, No more pencil scaps from pencil sharpeners spilled on the floor, and an educated child on technology and conservation.  
STOP!  Don't throw away the bottle CAP...from Coke that is.  Enter your coke caps in at www.mycokerewards. and receive free stuff; like a subscription to your favorite magazine.
I always keep gift bags and the paper that comes in them neatly to re-use.  At other people's parties, if I see they are going to discard them, I ask can I have them.  I NEVER buy gift bags.
I always save the paper and bags at parties.  I would never buy a new gift bag.  I keep the largest one I have on hand in the closet and neatly fold all the rest and tuck them inside. 
I had to get a nanny - and I work in my house. It's only hard because the kids know you're there and they know I will give in to holding them if they're hurt or something. I pay the nanny about $7.5 an hour. I know that's cheap, but this lady's son is in school and she just wants to make some money while away from her child. So after she drops him off - she comes to my house until she has to leave to go get him. I think you can find someone like this that would be...
This is incredibly hard. I'm only hoping that what someone told me about how it would get easier when they were both out of diapers is really true. The second child is still potty training. My DS is almost 4 and my DD is 2 1/2. Whew!!! (18 mons apart) I have to say that although I can sympathize with those who've mentioned the hard time to get the 1st one to nap while the other was wondering loose around the house...this current age frame has increasingly got worse in...
I have a one year old that we have experienced tantrums (already). Here's somthing that works for us at home. Place a get in the middle of your home - between the living room and hall way. When the child has a tantrum simply tell him he will have to behind the gate for punishment. The gate will become a nasty word to the child. The child is free to roam the other end of the house, but invaribly wants to be near you so he will cry at the gate. Check you watch - wait a...
Try PBS - they have great shows for kids on during the day. Do you get that?
We bought a DVD player powered by the cigarette lighter and It's done WONDERS. BABY BACH...RULES!
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