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just wanted to give you some encouragement and say you can do it! i had my last baby UC and UP, and went 42 weeks, 5 days. it was harrowing dealing with all the concern. i'm 36 weeks now with another baby and actually seeing a midwife (medwife) this time as a concession to my SO,  it's his first baby, and they are stressing me out big time with ultrasounds and talk of too small babies. ugh. anyway, not to turn your thread into my bitch session, just wanting to empathize...
hey everyone,    it feels so weird to be back here! i'm sue, mama to four awesome kids, ages 15-8 and starting over with baby #5!! it's pretty crazy to be doing it again after 8 years, but i'm getting used to it. i'd better, since i'm due around 9/29!    anyway, just wanted to say hi!
wow, this thread is really timely for me, i have been feeling disconnect from my two oldest for a while, more from my oldest ds, whom we adopted 3 years ago, so connecting with him is even more challenging. throw in the fact that our personalities seem to be polar opposites, it's really hard to get in a loving place with him. I swear i am going to print all of these tips out and keep them in my pocket at all times. I'll read them when i want to wring necks instead!
OH YEA!! Just ask my dd, she hates when i watch the Bourne movies, lol. Ok, Pikku, i have to ask?!!! What's up with Matt when drunk?
hmm.. a virus? we also have had some weird intestinal stuff going on here.
my 9 year old was looking at the picture of the pillow and said, "it looks like those hands are pushing the baby away. That's a dirty trick to play on a baby."
thanks mamas!
I have a kiwipie cover that i got off the TP . The outside is really soft white wool, and i don't know if it is cashmere or not. i forget who i got it from! front back anyone? thanks!
: wow, that's lazy! and poor babies.
oooo, i'll have to try one of these! baby ds's 1st bday is coming up and i'm really trying hard to keep possible allergens away! thanks!
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