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Vaccines are not mandatory here in the UK, so you have the right to refuse completely, or select only the ones you want to do. If you want single shots, such as just measles, you will have to pay out of pocket, as you can't get them through the NHS anymore.  There is an immunization clinic in London called Baby Jabs where you can get advice and choose the vaccines that you want. I haven't actually been there so can't tell you anything from personal experience. As far...
DO you pee in the shower? Cultural sensitivity vs. cultural respect when visiting another country   Can I just share something that grossed me out horribly. About your mother.
I am not a pacifier! Used pantyhose on your head WWYD              
Maybe gumtree.com? I just checked for my local area and there are lots of people selling cloth diapers. Not sure if anyone is buying, but it's free to post. I was able to sell a stroller on there last year.
Hi! I used to live in Germany, and I lived in Italy for 3 months too! I would highly recommend taking the train over flying, so that you don't have to worry about limiting your carry-on and snack items, checking in early, going through security etc. The good thing about train stations are that they are usually in or very near town centers so it is much easier to get to where you want to go.   Also, you might consider taking a night train, so you an sleep through the...
None of my 4 children have had the MMR and we have been living in the UK, Germany, Italy and France for the past 9 years. There have been measles outbreaks in Germany and in the UK in the past few years, but I do not worry about it too much. My children are generally healthy and we have access to medical care if necessary.
Hi-I am not familiar with Frankfurt, but most German towns have Naturkost market and/or a Reformhaus where you can find all sorts of organic and vegetarian foods, as well as natural health and beauty products, supplements etc. DM Markt also sells organic products (no refrigerated foods though). Here's a link to one Naturkostmarkt and Biomarkt and addresses of Reformhaus   hope that helps!
I'm wondering where you are getting your information about mumps. From what I have read, about 25% of boys who contract mumps after puberty will experience swelling of the testicles (orchitis) but this only rarely leads to infertility. Younger boys who have not reached puberty are not at risk of orchitis or infertility. Of course, with waning vaccine immunity, more older boys and men are at increased risk of contracting mumps and experiencing complications.  
Aaagh - I'm stuck. The main things I want to concentrate on are: finding the perfect childcare option so that I can go to midwifery school and continue to homeschool my 4 dc reviving the passion with DH financial prosperity/getting out of debt creativity new friendships family harmony I leafed through a couple of magazines but not much jumped out at me. I might just write or maybe draw/paint my own images.
I have been spending a lot of time in the garden just looking at flowers and watching birds. I am literally watching the flowers grow and trees blossom from one day to the next. It is very grounding and relaxing and makes me very happy to be out there and grateful for the wonderful things in my life. A family of blackbirds has nested at eye level just outside of our kitchen, and I get to watch the mama and papa birds feeding the babies. It's lovely. I've been trying to...
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