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What do you look like when your DH walks through the door and how do you greet him? The funk.
I have lived in the UK with my unvaccinated children for 2 1/2 years   We  lived in Germany for 6 years before moving here, and also spend a lot of time in France with DH's parents. We fly back to the US every once in a while. As others have said, measles seems to be more prevalent over here than in the US, but obviously just because it is more prevalent doesn't mean that your children will automatically get it. None of my children has ever come down with a "VPD" - not...
Perhaps there are no studies, but I have successfully treated yeast infections with garlic (if you leave the clove in overnight you wake up with a garlic taste in your mouth). Obviously, there are some more serious conditions that should not be treated with garlic, and I personally would have a greenish discharge checked outjust to be sure. Then, as others have said, if it is something minor that can be taken care of with natural remedies, so much the better.
hello and congratulations on your pregnancy!  We only lived in Italy for three months, so I can't suggest any particular books or anything, but we have lived in Germany and France and now the UK, so I always try to have things that are typical of the place we have lived. I would buy some Italian baby clothes, including some that have something written in Italian on them (things like bibs and socks are good), and maybe a t-shirt or something with the name of the town...
Hello- I'm sorry for your loss. We moved from US to Germany and then to UK. When we left the US we sold or gave away almost everything, and only shipped books, toys, clothes, personal items/mementoes/pictures, towels and sheets (which I wouldn't bother with again, those are easy enough to buy), and some kitchen utensils. Before we knew it our house was overflowing with stuff again, and I really don't miss anything that we left beind. Unless you are really attached to...
Speedmum- instead of listing fears and then finding affirmations, it might be helpful just to concentrate on an overall goal or feeling that you want to achieve. For example, imagine how you want your life to be, picture yourself living the perfect life, visualize a perfect day in your life then affirm it. "My life is peaceful and prosperous" or "I have the perfect job for me" or "My family is healthy and happy".   Whatever you are aiming for, just try to see it...
Hello and welcome to MDC!
Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Hello and welcome back!
Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy! MDC is a great place to get information and find like-minded people!
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