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Is juggling it all the only way? spin-off on bra-free support thread.
And what will happen if he gets circ'd and then gets another UTI? Nothing left to cut off, so they will prescribe antibiotics - which is what they do for girls and women who get infections.
http://www.cise.fr/index.php?page=37   Maybe you will find something helpful on this site. There is a section called accueil regional which lists contacts for different regions in France.   Here is another one. If you look under the section REseau you will find lots of HS families in France http://web.mac.com/instructionenfamille/Instructionenfamille2008/Bienvenue.html .
No luck yet, but you might want to contact Agnes Keller. She is an English-speaking doula in the Strasbourg area. email: agneskeller@club-internet.fr or call:
I don't live in France anymore, but I know that homebirth midwives are few and far between there. You might have better luck looking for a German midwife who is just over the border. I will do a quick search for you and see what I find.
How fun! We have four children, currently live in England, but we have lived and traveled in France, Germany and Italy.   My main piece of advice would be "DON'T TRY TO DO TOO MUCH!!" What has worked for us is to plan one touristy thing per day, and then make sure that there is a lot of time for just being spontaneous, wandering around the town, coming upon nice parks or shops or cafes as you go. And know that everything will generally take longer or be more...
Ok - It looks like in some parts of Germany (like in Saarland, where we were living) the visits U1-U9 are not obligatory but strongly encouraged. If you miss a visit, the Jugendamt will send you a letter "reminding" you to take your child to the doctor. If you refuse, or don't go for whatever reason, then they may decide to investigate to make sure that you are not endangering your child. This follows in the wake of very publicized cases of children dying from severe...
The law (recommendations?) regarding well-baby visits did change in 2007. I took my son who was born in 2003 to a few WBV because I liked the pedi, but then we stopped and it was no big deal. When my other son was born in 2007, our new pedi - whom I liked even more as he was very natural-minded - explained that they had just changed the laws and that certain visits were compulsory. He actually disagreed with this change but was required to follow it. If parents...
Do you have any baking soda? Lemons? Vinegar? If so, I would scrub with the soda (and lemon juice if you have it), then rinse with boiling water. Or I would soak in boiling water with a bit of vinegar, then scrub with a sponge and rinse again. I would not use any of the things you listed on dishes.
We left Germany a couple of years ago, but I do recall that the law regarding well-baby visits had changed and certain visits were required. We did not do one of the well-baby visits because we were out of the country, and we were tracked down and ordered to take our baby to the doctor in Italy and send proof that we had done so.   As far as vaccinations - we did not have a problem with that at all. We were lucky to have a pediatrician who believed in homeopathy and...
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