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Alicia - I'm glad you had a great weekend. We were busy and out and about today and Y didn't ask to nurse at all until we got home. He asked while I was making dinner but I was able to hold him off, and then he nursed to sleep. We'll see how it goes tomorrow but I would love to get him down to twice a day. SwwetTexas - too funny about Lucy arguing with you about why she shouldn't have to do something!
Thanks for all the comments. It helps to get different perspectives. Now I just hope that the potential first client turns into an actual first client.
causes of blisters on buttocks and penis? Saliva Lead Screening Kit
Silver and Gold Is this too much to ask?
ANother "what happened to my sweet child?" post here. My little angel has traded in his wings and halo for horns and a pointy tail. . He DEMANDS things RIGHT NOW and if he doesn't get them RIGHT NOW he throws things, hits, yells and kicks. We have been in our rental house a little over a month and he has made little holes in the wall, torn the wallpaper and drawn on the walls with black ballpoint pen. And he KNOWS what he is doing, because he hides when his actions have...
hmmmm I was kind of thinking of charging about half of what an experienced doula charges, but maybe that is still too much?
Hello all - I may have found may first doula client I'm wondering what the general protocol for first clients is. Here in my area, an established doula asks for £550 ($895), which includes 2 hours pre-natal, the birth, and 2 hours post-partum. She then charges £16/hour ($26/hour) for further pp doula services. I told my potential client that I would charge her a reduced rate but I don't really know what to charge! To give an example of my experience and...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Katie~ It was very emotional but it turned out to be a really wonderful interview. She's the midwife I wish I had with Liam and Laine. She was very attentive and kind, I didn't really I carried so much baggage but it felt good to unload it in a safe place finally. I had my guard up but I'm really glad I went to see her, she's going to leave pretty much all of the prenatal stuff up to me to decide, she just ensures that I'm...
Can someone explain difference between low-rise briefs, bikinis and hipsters? Fashion Challenged....Shoe Help
Welcome mooshersmama! Alicia -may the perfect job come along for you! Jeanine- may cp come along for you! I wish my kids would get it. Y is officially sleeping in his own bed. He has the bottom bunk in a room with his 6yo brother. He was pretty excited about having his own bed. The first night he woke up and called for me three times during the night (and dd woke up once crying with a sore throat and then again later vomiting, so not much sleep for me). The past...
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