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hello everybodeeeee! Still unpacking and getting to know our new house and town. So far I really like it. Y. is doing great. FIghting off a cold, but still active and busy. He seems so big now. I hope to transition him to his own bed in his brother's room soon. He is sort of interested but not too sure about that idea. Sweet Texas - SO cute that Lucy wants to be a tree. My uncle was a palm tree for halloween, once. He put palm fronds on his head and wore a bath...
Hi mamas! Ive been lurking but not much time to post. Be back later!
As soon as you move to our home you should go to your local Buergeramt to register (Anmelden). You will also need to go to the Auslaenderamt to get your residence permit if you are not German national. Once you are registered you can go to the Jugendamt to apply for Kindergeld. It is not income based, and if you are a legal resident of Germany you are eligible for it.
Posting to FB and praying that she makes it home safe and sound.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2timestrouble Ok, I have a couple questions -Did you teach them to speak English but how to read and write in French? -Do you speak Italian or they got it on their own from other kids? I was learning some Russian at one point and wanted to teach them what I knew but I had 2 problems with that. One, that I am afraid I will get them confused and 2, that even if I could understand some stuff my accent was awful, so I was...
I am a native English speaker but am fluent in French. DH is French, and didn't speak English when we met, so we only communicate in French, even though he speaks fluent English now - with a very heavy French accent. My first two dc were born in the US, the other two in Germany. We now live in the UK. Dh has always spoken only French with the children. I speak English and French with them. If DH is around we all speak French. If I am alone with the kids I mix the two...
We have been in the UK for two years and have not had any problems as non-vaxers. We homeschool so I can't say for sure, but I do not think that any vaxes are mandatory for school attendance here. When we registered with our Health Centre they sent us a letter stating that a couple of my kids were due for shots. I just called them and told them that we had chosen not to do any. They put it in our record and I have not heard anything from them since. I have even taken two...
I had two homebirths in Germany but the midwives I used also did hospital deliveries. Have you tried contacting the independent Hebammenpraxis in your area? You might be able to find a midwife that does the prenatal care as well as birth at the hospital of your choice and post-partum. Otherwise, is there a birth Center (Geburtshaus) near you? In general German hospitals are very baby and mother friendly, and encourage natural birth and breastfeeding etc.
Hope everrything works out for the best with Andrew's job, Katie. Alicia- I am glad Chaya likes her preschool! That is bittersweet for mamas, though. Yann had a good b-day. Loved his presents, learned how to pedal his tricycle, had a great time at the park. The movers will be here Friday! Just found out that three of my close friends and my cousin are pregnant. Feeling like I want to be pregnant, too!
Happy Birthday Yann! Happy Birthday Chaya
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