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Welcome mama!!
Congratulations mama!
Emergency Childbirth by Gregory White is a great, very straightforward starting point :) I also agree, that reading old posts from mamas who have BTDT is nice. Honestly, when I UC'ed in December, I just thought of my prior birth experiences in as much detail as I could, and I envisioned handling the issues that arose by myself; once I was able to realize that the parts of my previous births that I disliked the most centered around other people who were there (midwife or...
Charlie (Charlotte) will be 8 months on the 20th...she is crawling crazy fast, furniture walking, and is totally in love with her big sisters and big brother  I loooooove this group! Also, congrats Bailey!! We have a Penelope and love her dearly!!   
Pepper is GORGEOUS! Esp, we are literally in the same ship mama <3 studying at home whilst homeschooling three little ones and trying to keep my etsy shop stocked and cater is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!! Kel, we would LOVE to have you join mama!!!!
A quick hello, I'm Kelly, 25 and we just had our fourth child via UP/UC in December. I wish I had more time to be active on these boards but life is zany right now with four little ones five and under, lol. It is soooo nice to see so many mamas here, it was pretty quiet throughout my pregnancy and I hope that this board livens up and can provide support to you all! :) Wishing all of you safe, happy, and healthy pregnancies!
Gorgeous Melly! Congrats!!
Shepherd's purse is pretty awesome for PPH. Good luck mama!
Congrats mama!
Congrats mama!
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