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You all look AMAZING!  AFM, Finally back home  this is me at 32.5 weeks :)       
Mamas, thank you all for the support! I am hoping to have things wrapped up here by tonight and catch the quickest flight back to Utah, which would be AMAZING...I am so ready to have this be over. I hope all is well with you all and cannot tell you how much your kind words and positive vibes mean to me <3 <3
Hi mamas, sorry for the absence...my mother who was wretchedly abusive passed away and left me as executor of her estate so I have been back in NY going through her house, reliving a bunch of painful memories, and yeah...it has just been a lot. The worst part is I am a bit relieved she has died...at least I won't have that clawing irrational fear and sense of obligation anymore (please don't think I'm terrible ) I hope all is well with you all and I should be back home...
Aww mama!! Sending hope and hugs and light your way! 
Congrats on your pregnancy and on your decision to UC mama! I will have more time later to do a longer post, but for now, I would recommend that you and your DH read and Emergency Guide to Childbirth by Greg White here's a link to a pdf copy http://www.rixafreeze.com/pdf/gregorywhite.pdf ...I know that you've already had a successful UC so probably not essential, but it's a good informative handbook style read. Ina May's guide to Childbirth is awesome if you haven't...
The new thread is up mamas: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1365177/october-7th-weekly-chat-thread
Sending huge hugs to all the mamas who have been struggling this week, you have all been in my thoughts! We have come so far mamas, we are definitely in the home stretch now-just think in a few more weeks some mamas will likely be starting to have their babes!! You are all such a wonderful group and I hope that everyone is enjoying the happiest of Sundays (or Mondays to our Aussie pals <3 ) Hope all is well!! 
Oh and Esp-*hugs* about Christmas mama you are such an awesome person that I am sure your friends and family will be happy with whatever your sweet family decides to gift! 
Andrea, that is NOT a great way to start a morning mama!! I hope you and your DH are able to work out a plan that involves you getting your much deserved rest!!
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