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It is 5 years after this original post, but thank you so much for it as I am just entering this. My son will start kindergarten next year and while he has a dx of mild autism/ gifted, he probably isn't as it seems to be more food related then anything.  I will be reading this in detail later and am wondering if anyone is following this thread... if anyone has links on how to get started??  I feel so unprepared to homeschool my son!!!
Please read info on parenting by connection- either hih parenting or aha parenting. You don't have to ignore your child when s/theism crying out for help.
I found the no more hitting course from hand in hand parenting to be helpful. Honestly the best thing I did though was cut out trigger foods. For my son it is artificial anything, gluten, casein, sugar, mold, and berries. It has made a huge difference!! He has set backs when he is stressed or there is a major change in routine, but so much better. He does have spd and lots of physical activity and roughhousing help. He looks like a normal kid though so people don't get it.
Like a previous poster said, homeopathic remedies are the energetic essense of a substance and not the substance. My 18mo is a belladonna baby. Chamomilia does nothing for her. So grateful to have something that works so well for her. We also have her wear an amber teething necklace.
Liked on facebook.  Bike looks fun:)
I also think my post didn't appear- hmmm.  I had my little girl on 7/31 at 40wks 3 days.  We are amazed that we made it to full term and very grateful!!!  We had her at home and labor was short and intense.  Off to nap while my toddler is down for quiet time!
Congrats Pigirl!!  I am 39 wks 4 days and still cooking along.  Such a different experience then last time.  Really grateful to be at this point and also ready to meet my little one:)
I got spd at 30 weeks (now 35 weeks) and went to a physical therapist this past week and am feeling better then I have in over a month!  I have also been going to a chiro weekly and she sets it back, but it keeps popping back out.  I am doing the exercises from the pt 5x each 3x a day.  Here are the pelvic floor exercises she is having me do: 1) Tighten all holes (hold 5 seconds- breathe while holding) 2) Tighten gluts like you are going to hold a crad in your butt...
You can avoid GM foods by only eating whole organic foods.
Thankful for this thread.  We decided today to not go with the oral dosage b/c of the inconsistency in dosage guidelines and b/c of the gut flora issue.  Both my son and I have food allergies which I would love to do everything to avoid with this next one.  We will go with the shot if there is bruising at the birth.  Otherwise we are going to take our chances (midwife said 5 in 100,000).
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