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We are planning another homebirth.  My previous MW is not practicing, but one of her apprentices (who was at my first birth and attended a lot of my prenatals) is now practicing and we are going to use her.  She came over for dinner on Wednesday and it turns out she now works with my former MWs old partner and another MW who was also an apprentice with my former MW.  I am so excited to already know my whole birth team!  
I am going to workout more during this pregnancy so I go into labor strong and healthy...I am also going to be constant with yoga!   I am going to eat 80-100 grams of protein a day from the beginning of my pregnancy instead of starting halfway through (my BP was high around 28 weeks and this "diet" brought it down) and avoid eating very much crap.     I am going to do everything I can to prevent having another posterior baby...even if it means I have to sit in...
I have also noticed my belly looks different.  It feels different too.  I am a belly sleeper and laying directly on it already feels uncomfortable- which is not something I experienced until around 10 weeks with Lily.   I have to do a modified belly sleep with one leg up, but I am curious how long that will last.  Ugh, I HATE sleeping on my side.    I have a new one- insomnia...and let me tell you that it does not pair well with the extreme fatigue and exhaustion. 
  Name: (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know)  April * EDD:  February 12th * Age: 33 * Location: Burb of Boston, MA * How long it took to you to get your BFP:  8 cycles trying and then got pregnant on the first cycle we stopped TTC * What number child is this for you: #2 and our last * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies):  Husband- Scott, Daughter- Lily (7/23/2008), Dog- Bella * Birth plans/preferences: Homebirth in the...
I sometimes get nauseous when I am overly tired.  Maybe that is part of the reason it is so strong at night?     
I loved Ina Mays Guide- so empowering!    I also thought the "Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer was excellent. 
It is VERY exciting.  I LOVED seeing Lily that first time and still have the photos. :)  
Some people want to reduce the amount of u/s because it is unclear if how safe u/s are for the baby.  Yes, it is neat to see the baby, but for many people that neatness does not outweigh the potential risks.   Also, late u/s are more and more used to push interventions, inductions and c-sections on patients- the "big baby" problem, even though they are highly inaccurate that late in the game.     I personally think 2-3 u/s are an acceptable. I understand why some...
Oh, and I think will pick up taking probiotics again.  I started them on my MW suggestion after having a wicked yeast infection when I was about 25 weeks and never had one while I was on them. 
It's fine.  You can have 200 mg a day (about 12 oz of coffee).  I had a large mug of coffee every morning (sometimes a mug and a half on the weekends) of my pregnancy with Lily and she was perfectly healthy. 
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