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Thanks everyone! You have all eased my mind :)
No, she had him retract it and noticed the skin was not all the way off the glands.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I thought in my heart that everything was okay but the pedi scared me and I believe they like to do that...lol! I also believe that he will learn about his penis and what needs to be done for it in his own time...I really hate that the pedi said stuff in front of him about it :(  
I brought him to the Pedis for a physical and she of course checked him down there and was concerned that his foreskin was not all the way off the glands...she said my DS needs to put Vaseline on it after the shower and keep moving the foreskin back...she said this could cause major problems. Is there anything else he should be doing to help the foreskin back? I am also thinking that it will move back on its own but I don't want it to cause any problems. Can you help me...
I am still nursing my 3 1/2 yr old but I am DONE, she is not! How do I help her know its time for "boobies" to go away? She is obsessed, especially at night! Please help! Thanks
I am glad your DS's surgery went fantastic My DD has surgery on May 20th for teeth issues and she also did wonderfully...I feel just ecstatic that its all over and done with, just like you
I am so glad your surgerys went well! Its such a relief when its over!!!
Just bumping this in case others want some info! Its been 2 wks and the change in my DD is amazing! She seems so much happier, not so crabby! I am so happy we went thru w/the surgery!
It is scary and I have been there! My now 3 yr old DD had Extensive ECC on all 4 of her front teeth when she was almost 2 and her 2 back molars were also decayed. I went to one dentist he said surgery I left, found another dentist, fell in love but she also said surgery but she also said I could wait until I was comfortable w/her going under GA. We waited until she was 3, we followed the sticky up top and tried to halt the decay but that did not work for us, unfortunately....
My 3 yr old just had major Oral Surgery under GA (about 1 1/2hrs) last Thurs and she did not need ANY pain meds at all! They gave me a script for Tylenol w/Codeine (maybe ask about that) and I didn't even need to fill it! My thoughts are that her teeth hurt her so much for so long (The dentist said she had chronic infections in her mouth from the teeth) that the pain didn't even phase her, KWIM? She looks sooo much happier now and tells me constantly that her yucky teeth...
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