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Hi ladies! I'm lurking as I starting having unexpected brown spotting yesterday. Instead of picking up and becoming a period, it's stayed brown streaky and mucusy for the past 24 hours. I looked at the calendar and realized that my period is due in four days. Soooo, I'm thinking it could be implantation bleeding! If so, this will be surprise #7. And that would give me a due date of May 15th. We shall see! . I'll probably test on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Kat
This felt like the longest summer ever! I'm so thrilled that autumn is right around the corner. We've started our homeschool year just in the last two weeks and it seems to be going smoothly so far. Just have to get everybody registered for their extras (dance, climbing, art). And my plans for the coming week are to start digging out cold weather clothing and see what buying we need to do to make sure everyone has what they need. Wool socks I'm sure. Unfortunately I...
I've seen a couple little kids here with intentional dreads. I suppose that's an option!! I only have one girl, but all the boys have long hair. The oldest is the only one with straight hair, so he washes and brushes his own. The rest are all curly, so they shampoo it every 3-4 days and style/set it, and it doesn't get brushed until it's time to wash again. Luckily my girl (7) loves to do hair, so she enjoys helping everyone else get theirs done at bath time.
The two oldest boys like making lego stop motion movies. My middle girl is the artist and adores drawing, painting and flower arranging. The youngers like trains and blocks. All together they like to ride bikes/scooters, or run around and scream a lot. As a family, we've recently taken up archery. Doing puzzles together is fun, it's like a race. And there are a couple of shows that we all like to watch; So You Think You Can Dance, and Face Off.
240 weeks for 6 babies, so 4.599 years. Nursing, only around 7 years total. My first nursed for 2 years, the others have all weaned at a year.
Oh, what do we spend around here..... For our family of 8, Probably about $300-$400 a week. We keep chickens for eggs, but it's our first year and I'm not sure how feed costs relate to egg production. My husband barters with a local farmer for our other raw dairy. I do buy boxed cereal, but honestly only because it's affordable at trader joes. I'm always horrified at the price when I go into whole foods! So, the boxed cereal is for my lazy mornings, otherwise I make...
I second the Kirby suggestion. Yes, they are expensive, yes they work fabulously. I had someone's cast away Kirby for years. When it finally broke, my dear MIL bought me a new one. LOVE it.
I am Pagan. The husband has Buddhist leanings. The children don't practice anything at this point.
People ask me that now, especially because we've told people from the beginning that we would have six. My MIL recently said she figured we would have a few more. My story is I would be happy if my family stayed this size, and I would be happy to have another. My concerns are still being able to afford to travel with more than six. I feel very blessed that we are able to travel and can afford to do fun things as a family. I never had that as a kid, and I would be very...
We've been pretty lucky. We don't get too many negative comments. I had a nice older lady at the playground stop me yesterday and want to talk because she came from a family of 8. Her mother was widowed with 8 kids, WOW! She was fun to talk to. The whole over population issue has always kind of pissed me off. If these people are genuinely concerned about over population then they should be focusing their efforts on making sure women in third world countries who...
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