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Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Jaime *yes, I tried to convince him to get rid of it, but he wouldn't*. What is it with men and their damn cars? It took 10 months of fighting to get my husband to sell his huge truck.... it's a two seater (so we couldn't fit the baby), the payments were $500 a month, and it guzzled gas faster than we could buy it. AND HE STILL WOULDN'T SELL IT FOR LIKE EVER! ARGH!
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingSerenity It looked better than "Unemployed" and didn't cause a double-take the way "concubine" or "domestic Goddess" would... ! Lol, I stand by my career choice.
Perhaps you could introduce him to some foods that imitate meat before actual meat? I'm not vegetarian nor are the members of my family, but I know they make imitation crab, and also veggie burgers.... maybe it will satisfy his curiosity about meat without sabotaging his vegetarian menu?? I don't really know much about this, but that's just what popped in mind! Good luck! PS, if it doesn't work, take him to TGI Fridays and order him the classic sirloin with the...
Any combination of the following: Soy yogurt Fresh banana pieces Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal Scrambled eggs and any fruit baby foods (his favorites are applesauce and bananas) I throw new things in there every few days just to give him new things, but he always gets a fantastic breakfast followed by a big cup of soy milk!
Quote: Originally Posted by llamalluv In FPU, he says it twice That explains that....I didn't read that one, I just read TMM.
I'm feeling very frugal today.... ready to take on this snowball!
I desperately wish I was pregnant.... but with the hubby home between deployments you just can't guarantee what will and will not be! We've decided to adopt instead, we have a year until he leaves again, but being alone with a 2 year old and a 3 month old for 12 months while worrying about a hubby in a war zone is not my idea of a good time. So we're adopting an older child (maybe somewhere between 5-10). We're SO excited about this, but it doesn't decrease my yearning...
I took 30mg from April 2-8.... then I took 60mg from April 9-14..... then I took 30mg on April 15th and haven't taken one since. I took one Klonopin (not sure of the mg) the night of the 17th to deal with some restlessness and irritability. I also took an Axert for a migraine on the 15th and 16th but not yesterday or today. (Neurologist also diagnosed me with migraines on top of the POTS so these are not a new thing) So far today I feel just fine, a little tired but...
If someone took my kitty because we live in a townhouse, it have to be an Elian Gonzalez-esque raid because I would be at the front door ready for a fight. :
I would just like to say that our cat is 99% indoor (he comes outside with us when we barbeque in the back but I don't let him leave the patio. Mostly he prowls around. He prefers to sit on my lap when we're outside!) When he's indoors, he rules the roost. He is slowly taking over the entire couch, relocating our entire family to the loveseat. He has a scratching post right next to his food and water and his litter box (which I clean once or twice a week) is located...
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