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I have been having done personal stuff going on. I actually bought the beads but things keep getting away from me. I anticipate not being able to follow thru with this unfortunately. I apologize.
I'm still in! I've been busy but now checking in just for this! Any parameters for bead types? (only one type/no paint, etc?)
I'm not totally sure. Since I have just started, I am seeing the benefits to using both. Maybe someone who has done the whole program can weigh in...
Really good discussion...thanks for your input RosieL. All makes sense to me.
How old us your step son? I can understand being a little jealous, but in the long run, he will recognize who the mother figure in his life has been. It must be very difficult to feel on his end, his bio mother coming in and out of his life. My step son has the same circumstance. She abandoned him as an infant but pops up about once a year to play mom for a day or two. He is 12 though and currently doesn't treat me any different. I am waiting for it to happen tho. But you...
I'm nervous too about being able to "buy into it." But I am thinking the more practice the better. Kind of like the idea of "fake it til you make it." Keep practicing and it will set in on some level. That is my hope anyway. That is why I am starting now. To get lots of practice! Let me know when you get the coarse Sweetsummer...we can cheer each other on!
I ordered and received my hypnobabies home study coarse. I read through some of the material last night. I am excited! I so want to have a different birth than my last two. They were natural but painful and had emotional baggage that was loaded with it. I posted in birth trauma. I don't want to post about it at this point. I want to focus on the next one being positive.   Anyone else on board at this point doing some kind of birth hypnosis?
I just posted in another thread and forgot that I started this one!   We did NT screening which was normal. I had Panorama blood work done....and it came back positive for Trisomy 13. That was the worst news we could have received I believe. They were surprised at the office because the ultrasound looked fine and usually there are severe defects present with T13. Also happened to coincide with my father being in his last days of pancreatic cancer. I left his bedside to...
I know this is a little late in response considering we are all past the time when these tests are usually done...but I wanted to put out there that I had a huge scare with the Panorama test I had done in October. The blood work came back as "97.6%" chance of positive for Trisomy 13. I was devastated. My father was dying of pancreatic cancer literally the week I found out the results. I left his bedside to have an amnio done. My father died a couple days later. Got the...
I would love to join in too!!!! I guess when sign up time passes you will let us know how many beads to get?   What a cool idea. I love this.
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