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I'm 35 as of July 12. so now my Doc's classify me as an elderly mom.
what a relief for you, and a blessing.
My sympathy to you and your family at this difficult time. My DH lost his job in june, also without any warning, and wasn't allowed to even clean out his desk. We have since found out that he was fired because of a background check that contained false information, and I am looking into any recourse we may have in that regard. I know when I heard the news I was in a panic. We were just starting to get caught up on bills and get things paid off. My DH had to take a...
my LO has really big feet, at least according to the US and he knows how to use them. My two year old was trying to cuddle with me sat. night, and kept getting kicked, I tried to explain that it was her new baby brother just moving around, but she really just thought I was doing it.
I'm getting ready to go on my hospital tour, and I really hope it goes as well as yours sounds like it did.
thanks for sharing, we are in the market for a new stroller, and am always looking for a good deal.
I do that to sometimes, especially when I start to get overwhelmed because I didn't get all the stuff done that I wanted to get done on a certain day, I will stop and add some of the stuff I did do, just so I can cross stuff off. My current list clean out library closet finish going through boxes to find baby clothes sweep and swiffer wood floors mop kitchen clean cabinets wash car seat covers re-assemble bouncy seat pack bag for hospital wash up baby...
my physical therapist gave me a support belt that is just around my lower back and kind of almost under the belly. It really helps when I have to walk around alot, or go up and down alot of stairs. The right side of my pelvis is tilted and this is also supposed to help keep it stable. It does get warm, its kind of thick, but its worth it. My biggest problem with it, is I have to take it off every time I have to go to the bathroom, but I probably wouldn't if I would...
I like Wesley this is boy number three for us as well, and while I'm pretty set on Benjamin, we still haven't settled on a middle name.
well this will be my third boy, and I can't say my sweet tooth is less, but with all my preg. I have a stronger sweet tooth than I normally do. usually baked good are my weakness. lately its been powdered sugar doughnuts, because it has been just to hot to bake, usually I prefer my own baking. I have also noticed that I always crave fruit around this time in my preg. this time its cherries, which are terribly expensive here.
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