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I moved at 30 weeks with my first, moved way to much, I was so sore I really couldn't move around the next day. I moved with number 3 at about 23 weeks, and it wasn't the moving that did it, it was all the umpacking and putting stuff away, put me in pre-term labor, to much strain over to many days. remember to drink plenty of fluids and take a couple of good breaks. and get all the help you can.
I'm normally the one my friends ask how to spell things, where things are, and to remember dates and details, I just usually have that kind of memory, not when I'm preg. though. We have a small cooking group and at our monthly meeting on tuesday, I couldn't string a coherent thought together. I couldn't think of the word knife of frosting, I had to think about what vanilla extract was, and when one of my kids asked me how to spell complete, I really couldn't...
I like the idea alot.
welcome, I understand completely about needing the extra reassurance, once you have had a loss, every little bit of extra peace of mind is precious.
This will be go round number five for me with cloth, and while I have alot, mostly pf, and counter, with lots of covers. More covers always seem to be a help. I have at least 8 of each size, wash every day, to every other day, and it is usually just enough. I plan on making some, or at least buying some all-in-ones.
I really like the Perk & Brew Lip Balms by Crazy Rumors They have a chai spice scent/flavor that is great for winter time, and I like the ginger peach most the rest of the year, my dd likes the one that is orange and bergamont-like earl grey tea.
a friend of mine made a great slaw this weekend, just shredded cabbage, both red and green, carrots, radishes, you could add bell peppers to- she left them out, because I can't eat them. and to dress it, a simple vinagrette with white wine vinegar, olive oil, and some salt, pepper, and sugar. sounds really simple but very very tasty.
tonight we are having brown rice, sautteed spinach with garlic, and breaded and baked tofu, with biscuits. its kinda of grey and chilly today, so I think I'll bake apples for dessert.
Cinnamon taste good, and it helps stabilize blood sugar, which can help with the dizziness SuperB was talking about. Also really concentrate on making sure your drinking enough, nursing a two year old and being preg. is exhausting, I know I have been doing it, and we are in the process of CLW as my supply is pretty much non-existant.
200-250 a week for a family of 6. And that cost just keeps going up. We try and get as much organic as we can, but also recognize we gotta eat, so its a balance. Luckily its farmers market season here as well, so hopefully that will help some. I just wish we could grow some veggies, but thus far we haven't had any luck, between the birds, mice and squirlles, they eat everything that comes up. and I have lots of shade in my yard, which is nice for everything but...
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