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There are other filters besides Berkley. I have a MetroPure that filters fluoride. http://www.gtawater.com/assets/water-filter-fluoride-removal-toronto-canada.htm I'm not even sure fluoride was on most people's radar as a problem back then. And England/Europe have always had far lower - non-existent levels anyway.
Not only is the pertussis vax pretty ineffective (it must be bad if even the CDC is admitting it, though I fear that's because there's a "newer,better" model nearly ready for market, likely with GMOs like a few of the others already have), it's also has the most reactions on VAERS of any of the infant schedule vaccines. And that's just the recognized reactions, it's likely responsible for a huge number of "SIDS" AND "SBS" cases. Add to that the Australians removed it from...
Eldest has a couple, the younger 3 are completely vax free and very healthy.
You could start one, or you could have it as a guest post on someone else's blog. I have one, but I also have no traffic and almost no posts.
I extended the date to try to get more data & save up for the paid account, which has advanced tools for analysis. The survey is still ongoing with 481 responses. I haven't checked lately to see how many of those have no questions answered.
For starters, I firmly believe that humans are an omnivorous species. The fact we can't get at least 1 vital nutrient without animal protein is a pretty obvious sign of that, even if we ignore our teeth and history. We probably did eat a lot less meat, but it was still a vital component of the human diet for all our history.   I'm not a huge fan or vegetables in general. I make myself (& my kids) eat them because they're good for us. Vegan and vegetarian replacements for...
Got my first post-partum period, latest it's ever been by 6 months. Then had another one 39 days later. My normal cycle before this pregnancy was 34-36 days, so not that far off.  I'm now on CD 53 of the next cycle. Pretty sure I ovulated around day 22 or 23. I had CM and then it dried up just after that. I've taken two tests and they were both negative. I keep having signs of my period coming, but it doesn't. I've also had a couple signs of being pregnant, but there's the...
I really like Kindara  
Here's the story http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/people/children-are-dying/index.php Quick summary, due to a variety of factors, there are severe shortages of critical nutrients for IV nutrition. These are people who can not get these nutrients any other way and the shortages are causing deaths and likely long term issues for those who manage to survive. No one seems to be doing anything, they just pass the buck and blame someone else.   Here's the petition:...
Here's the original from the BMJ http://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f3037  
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