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I had my second daughter at the GHBC and LOVED it! The midwives there are fantastic and I felt very confident with them. My insurance even ended up covering about 2/3 of the cost which was a huge plus!
My sister has used Jeanne for both of her births and I can say that I personally do NOT recommend her. I can't say it was Jeanne herself or the OBs she works with, but my sister ended up being pushed into several interventions during both of her births and ended up with an epidural because of them. She is a very nice woman, but seems to walk in a middle ground between the mindset of a midwife and an OB when it comes to interventions during birth.
    Kate was just as friendly and easy to talk to in person! Her views on birth were the same as mine also, so she seems to be a very good fit. My husband would like me to meet with at least one other midwife in the area if there is one available, but I am definitely leaning towards Kate for our home birth.   Thank you for your responses!
I had my last daughter at the Greenhouse Birth Center and wanted to look into a home birth this time. I contacted Kate and will be meeting with her this weekend, but I was curious if anyone has any personal experience with her? She seems to be very well recommended by some of the other midwives that I've talked to. Obviously I'll learn more about her when I talk to her, but I'd love any input from someone who has used her as a midwife in the past!
I am 7 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 21 month old. There hasn't been a change in my supply yet, that I've noticed. My boobs are very sore though. Luckily, it only lasts the first minute, the subsides. I'm also nervous to see what will happen, I don't think she's ready to wean, but if she does, it will be her choice.
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