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I second the Studio Ghibli/ Miyazaki recommendation.  Those films are more slowly-paced and thoughtful.  They are also mostly hand-drawn.   Parts of "The Secret Life of Arrietty" scared my 4YO daughter, so as usual, not all their films are appropriate for all children. 
I wouldn't do it.  Even if it's "not too hot" outside, the temperature inside the car can skyrocket very quickly.  Several children DIE here in Texas every summer because of this very thing. (I read once the actual physiological changes that cause death from being locked in a hot car. Heartbreaking to think of a baby going through that. Don't leave your dog in there, either.)
You're so right, Savannah! She really does need to get over herself. :)   When DD first started preschool, I was worried because the teacher told me she never said a word to anyone. That was in May and they say she's getting better...   Thanks for the comments.
Are you own parents close by and are they involved? My MIL has never even seen our three year-old and we're not holding our breaths that she will. She doesn't live that far away and she has money, but there is always something that keeps her away. My parents live nearby, and can't get enough of DD. My mom has told me she'd visit us no matter what and no matter where we live. I am so grateful that DD has at least one set of grandparents to hang out with and learn to love....
I have a three year-old daughter who is very shy until she gets to know people- even family, but after three years of being around my oldest sister and my younger brother at least once a week for most of her life, DD still will not speak to them. My sister is pushy and bossy- that's just her. My parents and I have tried to tell her that the best way to get DD to come to her is to back off and give her space, but she keeps pushing DD to interact with her and then teases...
Pledge drives make us all cranky, too.  :)  Don't come between my family and our "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!"
I'm 40 years old, the same age as NPR itself, and my mother listened to NPR around me the whole time I was growing up. I have always listened to NPR and still do around my three year-old. How many three year-olds out there bring up Libya in casual conversation? Mine does.  :D  I will continue to listen to NPR with her as she gets older, but I'll definitely turn the radio off or the volume down if something seems to be "too much" for her. I have to turn it off on my own...
When are they going to outlaw Hooters Restaurants???
My take on names, especially for girls:  would it sound good on a stripper or on a Secretary of State? 
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