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I went to a community garage sale about 2 weeks after I had DD2 and walked around for a couple of hours. I definitely felt sore afterwards and the postpartum bleeding got worse. I think it was about 4 or 5 weeks PP until I felt regular again.
We just got an Elmo guitar that drove me crazy. We brought it to Grammy's and left it there. It really is annoying.
I have mostly gotten positive comments from people too. They usually think the baby looks so cute in the wrap. I did get a negative comment from my nana once. I just ignored it. Once she saw how content the baby was she left it alone. Its hard to argue about babywearing when the baby looks so happy and cuddled up.
I take letter cards and make cvc words. Then I ask her to change on letter to make a new word. She really enjoys this. I also do things with word families. I will write them down and she will sound them out.  I also found alphabet books that have one book per letter. She really enjoyed reading these.
95% must be organic.
I Like mothering on Facebook.
I Like Bella Luna on FB!
Hello, I am looking for some advice. My daughter took an assessment yesterday at the school we are considering sending her to next year. She is 3 and going into Pre-K. I went to the debriefing and the first words out of the principal's mouth were,"You have a very strong willed daughter." She did excellent on all the academic stuff. The teacher said academically she could easily be placed with the kindergarten students next year. She is very good at math and language....
I would like one of these carriers. Make it simple to use and in a neutral color and more men will use it.
I like MDC on facebook!!
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