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www.evymama.ca has a ton of Mei Tais right now. http://www.evymama.ca/meitai.html . And if you go to the shop they'll give you demos if you need it.
There's also the Mommy Milk meetup for BF'ing mamas here: http://mommymilk.meetup.com/392/
Pleasemum has a free shipping promotion on right now! Free shipping to any order within Canada or the US. Plus a lot of their stuff is buy two get money off.
Apparently Angelgate Day Care at Runnymede United Church has just added a bunch of spaces. http://www.toronto.ca/children/dmc/w...creg12129.html Tell her, Good Luck!
Apparently the Forest Hill Loblaws cafe is very mom/kid friendly and great for people watching! My friend highly recommends it!
Welcome to Toronto! I've been here for 5 years and I love it (orig. from BC). My DD is only 21 months old so we're still learning about the fun (and free) things to do with her in the hot summer months. Try to get your hands on a Little Paper. It's a monthly paper designed for families and lists all of the great things to do in the city with kids. High Park is a wonderful park for trail walks, and it has several playground areas for kids, including a water park (when the...
I would look here for the Environmental Working Groups easy to download pdf on safe sunscreens. http://www.ewg.org/Consumer-Guides Good luck!
I, too, have heard that it's bad to pick newborns up under the arms a lot (although not by anyone with research to back it up). Apparently it's okay once they're older and have head control. We always picked up our daughter with one hand under her bum and one under her neck/head until she was sitting on her own. After doing it a few times it became habit.
Even with reservations you need to be at the ferry at LEAST 30 minutes in advance of the sailing of you forfeit your reservation and become standby (that happened to me with my 8 month old - VERY BAD! NOT recommended! . That's for going to the island or back to the mainland again. In general the ferries are great. They have play rooms, cafeterias with lots of food options (although they're expensive), and lots of room for just general running around. I never worried...
It's very hard to size someone with a pregnant belly. I sell Hotslings at my work and from what you're saying, I would go with a 4. It should be a snug fit. One rule of thumb is that the bottom of the sling is at your navel with baby inside, no lower. You could always buy a 3 and a 4 and re-ebay the one you don't keep. Good luck.
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