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I am so sorry to hear about your terrible loss. I have been reading about this procedure & my understanding was that the amniotic sac is not touched. That the villi are outside of the sac on the placenta. I even found some great pics illustrating this. I may be wrong or he could have gone to far in. i was feeling more comfortable about the CVS after reading that it didn't enter the a.sac.   I never herd of the Maternity T21 test. Is it fairly new? They didn't offer it to...
Anyone have a CVS done in NJ? Where & what was your experience?
whole foods also sells a milk from Sky Top Farms (I think) thet is not UP & is not homoginized. expensive though. Have you thought about one of the milk delivery services? I can look for some names if you want.
we have had no problem with our unvaxed kids...unless we went to a mainstream Dr. Our regular ped is a holistic ped in northern NJ. refered to by many as the king of holistic Peds. LOL. So...that being said...he of course doesnt give us a hard time about not vaxing & he is always helping people with religious or medical exemptions for schools. Now the problem for us is if we go to another Dr. If our kids get sick when our ped is on Vacation lets say. I actually had a...
I am newly pregnant. This will be baby #3. With #1 I was 38. After the bloodwork (AFP I think) the risk for Down Syndrom was 1:67. He was fine. With #2 I was 40. After the bloodwork the risk for DS was 1:9. She was fine. MANY USs done in both pg to rule it out & they found no problems. So an amnio wasn't done either time. At the time I remember reading that once you have a false positive you will have false positives with subsequent pg. Well I will be 43 when I have...
I am so glad to read this! I am just about to start a thread on my situation...being old. LOL!
I havent read all of the replies, but just wanted to share my experience. My bloodwork showed for Down Syndrom a 1:67 with my DS(#1) & a 1:9 with my DD (#2). Both of them are Normal! We did quite a few advenced ultrasounds on the heart too & they showed no problems so we did not do an amnio. I read back then that once you have a false positive you will continue to have false positives.
Is this still going on? Where in Morris county?
what town in Morris county?
Beautifully put Peter. Gives me a lot to think about since this thread hits close to home for me. My almost 4yo seems very academic too & I was just questioning the waldorf approach also. I agree with fih-r that formal learning at four is not the greatest approach. Good luck!!
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