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didnt read all of the posts, but a hammering toy was DS's favorite 1st b-day gift. He is 31mo & uses it daily still!
Really cant help, but I just had a discussion with my Mom along these lines. She said my brother didn't really speak until he was around 3 or 3.5. Then it was like an explosion of words. Maybe she is just not ready yet.
How much of a schedule do you follow day to day? I dont mean just for bed time. I mean all day. Even if you work, tell me what you do on the weekends.   I have a 31mo DS & 11mo DD. At times (every day ) I feel like 'well what do we do next'. I have heard some people talk about doing this at x time & that at y time. I kind of just go with the flow of the day. I am starting to think we need more structure. Especially since we may home/unschool.   What works for...
holistic moms network. i am in middlesex co, but i believe there is a chapter in monmouth as well.
My friend who lives in Westfield told me about Dr Schlachter in Essex Fells. He is touted by many as the 'King of Holistic pediatritians' (I didn't make that up BTW)   He really is awesome. It was the best decision I ever made to go to him. Worth every second of the drive. Even my sister goes there who lives in Jamesburg & has to drive 65min.   228 Roseland Ave 1-973-226-8393
My friend is at a loss. Maybe some of you will have thoughts/suggestions for her.   TMI – it involves the private parts – stop now unless you don’t mind the topic. I will try to make it as neutral as possible.   Her whole private area from front to back is red and itchy. Especially itchy is the rear portion. She also has numbness in her upper thigh portion around the area. She also has a lot of pain & has been taking ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs & still has some...
Oh, good idea to work with a little to find the right balance.   Funny. I loved it when it was first made. Its been about 2wks & now its hard to eat.
I am Very new to TF.   I am so excited that I actually made ketchup  I can't believe it.   Anyway, it is a little more acidic tasting than I like also a little thick. This is what is in it:   Tom paste honey whey ACV sea salt spices   The recipie said to make it thinner add more ACV, but since it already to acidic I am afraid to. So, what else can I use to thin it & is there a way to lessen the acidic taste? Thanks  
Is that why I have been having such a hard time lately?? Duh. It didn't even dawn on me it was bec of his leg placement.   DS is 29mo & also nearing the top. he was 38.5in when last measured. i think TruFit goes to 40in. I think that is one of the tallest seats, so I dont know what I am going to do. I really want him RF longer...  
Thanks. I did print out the two sample weeks. After browsing the site. I think I may invest in the weekly plans. DS is so young & I still have another that they will get a few years of use I am sure.     I quickly checked out the site & DS loved the 'dozer & backhoe' coloring pages. I need to invest some time looking there. Thanks.     I love this post. I has such a peaceful energy to it.     Thanks to everyone for their input. I did start doing some arts & crafts with...
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