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dd was yesterday, nothing happening, so I had a pedicure done and went food shopping. Will go for accupuncture to help with progression on Thurs if nothing happens by then. I think I'll make blueberry muffins today - yum!
Hey. I am also preggo with baby #1 and live in Central NJ. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat.
Hi everyone. Hope you all are feeling as well as you can at this pont. I started feeling nauseous at night. It wakes me up from a sound sleep. Anyone else experiencing this or hear of this happening?? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by saimeiyu That being said, it's not *completely* unheard of, just highly unlikely, to get pregnant before 4-6 months after having a baby. That being said is there anything I can try to do to get preg sooner rather than later?? Like maybe night weaning??
I am pregnant with my first and because of my age dont have a lot of time to wait betw pregs. Is there any way to jump start your cycle while bf exclusively? I would like to start trying to get preg around 4mo. knowing it may take a few mos. If I have to I will pump and store as much as possible and wean early but continue to bf with what I have stored. If there is another way around it though I would prefer not to do it that way. Any info will help.
"Birthing from Within" and "the complete organic pregnancy". The org. preg one has great resources on where to get "safe" baby stuff. Olien
Does anyone have any experience using Reiki during their labor? If so did you find it helpfull?
Oh I forgot. The book 'Birthing from Within' talks about showers and baby blessings. Olien
I am having a baby shower on the 18th and I think my sister is hiring her minister to do a baby blessing there. I don't know what they have planned. I believe the making a bracelet thing is fairly popular. Everyone brings a bead and as they give it to you they give you their blessing. You take the bead and put it on an already started bracelet wire. You are then supposed to wear it to the delivery to carry all of the blessings with you. The only recommendation I heard...
salmonbaydoula: Can you explain what you mean by the "healthy baby card" and the 'dead baby card" are played to often. Thanks
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