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Oooh... I'll play. This could be interesting... Quote: Originally Posted by Beauchamp I recently discovered pull-on style soakers in fleece and wool. Specifically the Dancing Bears fleece night time soaker. Everyone says it's awesome, and I am waiting for this miracle cover to arrive. What is the wool soaker you discovered?? I recently stumbled upon www.greenerbaby.com They have OS pocket diapes in great colors & you can get 3 for $25....
Not a stupid question. I asked the same thing a little while ago
My 23mo is 28lbs & 36in tall & still in med & They can still be adjusted to be bigger in size.
I am off garden duty this year bec of our new LO, so DH is in charge. We have had many great cukes so far, but now we have had 3 of them turn yellow??? Anyone know what is going on? Man are they sour I suspect they are staying on the vine to long. Could this be the case? We have only been gardening for 3 summers & have not come across this before.
now I do not like the Thirsties Duo. I have 2 in diapes & can not get it to fit either properly. I also like the flip, but my favorite cover now is custom made by Swaddle in Cloth www.swaddleincloth.com She has a store on etsy & hyena cart. Its PUL & has gussets & you can buy what she has made or pick out cool PUL colors/patterns. They were around $11 or $12. I also like wool covers
My 23mo DS is a heavy wetter - day & night. I am realizing I need to start using doublers during the day as well as night. I have a few hemp doublers I use at night, but before I invest in more I would like to know what you have had success with. There are sooo many to choose from. We use a combo of FB, Greener Baby pockets, & fitteds or rarely PFs with covers. What doublers do you like for day? Night?
I second fitteds here. I find PFs to be kind of a pain. Especially with a squirmer. I LOVE my Snugglebottoms from www.babybunz.com they fit well, are very trim & not that expensive compared to other fitteds. Around $4ea depending on size & closure type. They are just so much easier & I find I have less leaks with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beauchamp So many inserts and layers sounds like a bit of a pain, to be honest. And if *I* think that, I know my DH will not want to do it. He usually puts on the nighttime dipe and her sleeper after her bath. I will look into Happy Hempy's though, since they have been mentioned a few times. It's really not. Quote: Originally Posted by chely7425 My DH does the night time diapering too......
Quote: Originally Posted by SChaloux the pocket diapers I have are http://www.katydidcloth.com/ but I have heard great things about sweetpea or bumgenius. try going to http://www.diaperswappers.com// where you can just buy some used or cheap/new and try out different types and brands. I posted here recently asking about sweet peas & got some mixed reviews so I decided to not go with them. Do a search here to read up on them. Good idea to...
My DS is 23mo & a very heavy night wetter. With sposies I use either 3 huggies night time diapes or 2 of these diapes with a hemp insert. Its a PIA. Since switching to cloth we have had no leaks I use a Happy Hempy pocket diap with 1 Hemp Stuffin, 1 MF insert, 1 hemp doubler & 1 small Indian PF. All of that is wrapped in a So Simple cover. In the middle of the night I feel how wet it is & I can then just lay a doubler in there on top of everything. The cuff of the...
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