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not really.  i mean, it's not really dirty, but it's not tidy.  i love the idea of cleaning after he's in bed, but he rarely sleeps through the night so i tend to just jump into bed right when he falls asleep so i can try to get a few hours in before he keeps me up for the rest of the night.
i'm fine with her coming over even if DH isn't around.  i should have added in my first post, she's not a horrible person, we just have different viewpoints on most things.   and, i thought about it a bit and you are probably right, that she might be trying to not be overbearing, whereas my mom doesn't care, she's like i'm coming over!  lol   i'm curious to see if she'd be interested in coming over every x day of the week or whatever.  we can always try that.   
 this is interesting to me - i hadn't thought of it that way, but it's true.  it seems like she probably really does want to have a closer relationship but she wants it to happen magically, simply because she's related to DS, without having to actually do anything different.   as for some of the other questions - since DH hears the brunt of it when i'm nowhere around, and i'm sure he sanitizes alot before he says anything to me, i really don't know how he responds.  he...
we use pampers baby dry / 12 hour and don't have issues.   one thing that works for me, but may sound silly, is make sure his penis is pointed downward when you fasten his diaper. 
i have to vent here b/c i can't IRL so  .... it drives me crazy that MIL gets upset that my son prefers my mom to her.   my mom makes a point of coming to our home once a week for a few hours to interact with / play with our son so he's familiar with her and now that he's a bit older (he's 15 months) he "knows" her and warms up very quickly to her or doesn't need to warm up at all.   MIL on the other hand doesn't do anything to ensure she sees him on a regular...
very odd that they didn't write up an incident report.  at our daycare the slightest little thing gets written up.  a burn, no matter how small, would have prompted a phone call.   when we first got there i have to admit i was rather annoyed by how often i was getting notes, but now i like it that i know (as much as i can) what's going on during the day.
      this is us too - i have to keep on top of them or else i find myself having trouble getting his socks on and we get scratched up in bed.
she's just being technical, he does have father, but whether that father is involved or not is a different story.  i think the most fun you could have had was to say something like "his daddy left me.  do you have a son who's single?" and looked real hopeful.
we went last summer and i was really surprised at how small the aquarium was.  i remembered it very differently, but then i hadn't been there since i was little.  it's nice, and i think kids can spend a bunch of time there, but i'm not sure about the whole day.   we really liked the seaport, and mystic village (shopping) was great.   we stayed at the Hampton Inn below and it was wonderful.  plain, but clean with great...
my son is 15 months old and in I AM THE DESTROYER mode with toys, books, etc.  my MIL gives us tons of books (which is awesome) but i was telling her how rough he is on things right now, and she said to simply "not let him do that."  um, yeah, like i have complete control of his motor functions and his completely normal need to throw and slam things.   when i said, it's hard to show him a book and not expect him to want to hold it and play with it, which may involve...
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