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YES! Thanks for thinking of me! I had my baby boy 4/27 =) I can't believe how much he has grown in just these few weeks! Hope you and your baby girl are going good!
He ended up being at least 8.5 (possibly an ounce or two bigger as he had pooped 3 times by then) He was born 6 days prior to my due date or 12 if you go by ultrasound. =)
Thanks guys! Even though it was longer than some of my other deliveries and had a couple really hard moments....I think it was one of my best births!
So here is my birth story for those of you that might be interested. This is the story of my unassisted birth to my 5th child (3rd UC). Due Date by assumed conception date- May 3 Due Date by ultrasound-May 9 (which all of my u/s have been a week ahead of my due date) Born April 27 at 6:58pm Sunday I had lost what seemed to be my plug, so I was expecting things to start sooner, but they did not. I had filled my pool halfway ( a little each day since sunday). The...
thanks =)
    and my brothers bday =S
This last birth, I tried some new ways...but how the baby came out was me on my knees but leaning forward on the ottoman that was beside the pool. So it was not as upright as times past, pretty much like hands and knees but instead of my hands being on the floor they were on the ottoman. I did this mainly because it supported my back more. I was in back labor and plus with having already had back issues from this pg a few weeks back, my back was already tender........so...
My May baby turned into an April baby .....which I figured would happen =S Sir yet to be officially named arrived April 27 at 6:58pm weighing 8lb 5oz =)
I don't know if I made it as the official "next person", but I can say BABY WAS BORN YESTERDAY EVENING!!!!!     Thanks =) Yes I think he finally got the hint and canceled his obligations for the evening.
Still waiting =( I have been in bed all day and sleeping when I could.....so I think that caused things to take longer. So I finally decided to be more upright and I can tell that is causing things to speed up. No doubt about it, this is the real deal! I have been doing great with the contrax.....thankfully they have been less intense than my last 3 pgs. They remind me of my first pg. This whole process reminds me of my 1st pg to be honest. My water still hasn't broke...
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