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In my state, you can buy food off the salad/fruit bar. Papa Murphy's pizza is allowed - think take and bake items for treats. I have bought supplement teas, elderberry juice concentrate.   With regard to things not going through, one of our stores regularly has foods from the health food section not entered in the computer correctly and not  EBT eligible. When in doubt, ask! Seasonal or new items may be a computer oversight at the store rather than not actually...
This has been an interesting discussion!   We have a gratitude reading we say before meals. Pulling back from the food waste issue, I think our family needs further discussion on gratitude and respect. I realize too, this isn't something they're going to get a grasp on immediately, but will be   a process.   I do like introducing the idea that if we run out of an item, we're not getting more until the next  month. I have been playing around with a) serving less...
I had been doing pretty well, eating for nourishment only.   I am having horrid PMS and lacking self-control. Eating a lot, craving carbs and sweets.
Sorry if that last post was snippy. I was coming back to edit as that was not my intention.   I will work on letting my hang up go. So often that is the actual problem, not the kids acting like kids.
I'm happy with how I'm handling the consequences of their actions. '   What I want to know is - how do I explain my reasoning to four year olds? How do we go to the store, pay with a card and they relate that to me working. How do I explain that in our culture everything has a value including food? How do I teach them to be grateful for the things we have and not ask for something different/better/more?
And then he is mad about it while I"m eating.
Hoping someone has a magic phrase or book or something that will help the kids to understand why we don't waste food. We've been talking about it for several months but it hasn't sunk in yet.   My frustration -   I give them choices for lunch. Ds is specific about what goes on his sandwich. I set the plate in front of him and he refuses it. I explain that food costs money. If we throw our money away by not using it responsibly, we don't have money for field...
Smell? is the can closed?
Ugh, I want be clutter free as well! It seems like a constant rotation of cleaning this room, decluttering that room, tidying the other room. . . . I'm trying not to accumulate things and regularly purge but extended family keeps buying things for dc.
In our old house, we had an over the door shoe organizer in our entryway. That was a garage entry house so it wasn't in sight when company came. If you had a coat closet, it might work there as well. This house had carpet  and the kids were babies, so I requested guests remove their shoes as well. For guests, I had a stool by the front door.   In this house, we have a large metal basket under a buffet near the front door. It is hardwood so I no longer request friends...
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