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I'm finally having results. I lost 3 lbs last week. More than that, though, my body feels different. I don't feel like my pooching stomach leads the way. I feel stronger in my upper body. I am proud of myself for being able to do what I"m doing in the gym. I expect to change up my workout in five weeks to keep losing weight.   Went gluten free. Started WW. Began circuit training.   In WW, I am eating my daily points and tapping into my weekly. I am eating 0%...
I am trying several different things to get my body into the shape and weight I need to be to be healthy.   Late night is so hard for me. The past few years have been rough emotionally and I don't want to rehash the events anymore! Once the kids are in bed and I'm finally alone, binge eating is easy to do. The memories and emotions come surging in the evenings. Either that, or I'm tired and can't fend them off as easily.  I'm struggling, now that I'm *really* making...
I'm not seeing lots of results but I am -exercising 3x a week. Was about 5x but I've started working more so this is realistic. I work as a  housecleaner so even if I'm not at the gym, I'm still active. -not eating gluten -joined WW. Today begins my second week. Struggling with getting in the swing of that. Not a lot of emphasis on whole foods, rather "products". -totally cut out soda since 1/12 -just switched our big meal of the day to lunch instead of...
I tend to let the fever go and sometime in the middle of the night resort to tylenol. I struggle with the thermometer so I can't give you a number I"m letting the fever reach. For us, fevers intensify at night and we can only deal with them non-medicated for a few hours. Low fevers, ime, are during the day and would typically not require medication.   Belladonna works well for temporary relief from a fever as well.
Thanks, damsel. This has been a big motivator for me.   3/29 swimming 45 min   950/1000
I'm afraid I'm not going to make it unless I add in non-gym stuff. Since I am new to working out, I really wanted to complete all 1000 at the gym. I'm noting my other stuff but not adding it just yet. Maybe some extra time will appear in the next few days. 905/1000   3/15 gardening, 90 min 3/21 pushing stroller at zoo, 120 min 3/22 Children's museum, 120 min
What do I do if they don't go? His mom was in the house. I don't know her name, much less have her phone number.   OW, that makes great sense.   I wrote the op while they were here. It took waaaay too long for them to leave the yard once I told them to go home.
Part of me wants my dc, both 4, to make their own decisions about their friends.  But up to now, most of their friends have been my friends' children, and I acknowledge that I want to make decisions for them until they are older.     The oldest neighbor is 6, she's nice, follows her mom's directions, helpful to the kids etc. The son is 5 and pretty wild. He sneaks over when his mom tells him to stay in their yard, won't go back until I tell him 10 times, rides dc's...
Karen Gromada, author of the LLL book mentioned, hosted a yahoo group for mothers of multiples three-four years ago. Hopefully it is still active.
Wanted to chime in here and say that if you have hard water a vinegar rinse will make the cloudy residue worse.     I have had zero luck with the borax/washing soda/citric acid blend. I found a recipe recently that was entirely different from others I had seen. It used borax and liquid dish detergent. I didn't pin it and can't find it again, of course.  
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