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3/20 30 min interval treadmill 15 min bike 15 min weights- legs   860/1000
Nine months was the hardest month for me in my twins' first year.   Are you able to tandem?
3/19 20 min weights - arms 30 min interval on treadmill 30 min swimming   800/1000
I don't plan on doing a ton of baking, at least initially. I find I do well if I have some prepared foods, be it freezer food or salads featuring quinoa or rice.   Maybe if  I switched my focus from gf blogs to vegan I'd find more what I was looking for?
Going gf again. Have any great gf cooking blogs? Bonus points if the author is cooking for children!
3/16 30 min interval tm  720/1000
Watched  few DRJOSHAXE videos. Looks like a good resource.   I was gf for several months this summer. There were symptoms that I didn't know were related to gluten that improved but no weight lost. I might be up for trying it again. I wish there was a gf granola, though! I don't do that much bread but I do notice it has addictive qualitites on me - once I start, I want more and more.   We have cut back on dairy as a family because of seasonal allergies. We do...
The local health food store is doing a weight loss/healthy lifestyle six month program. It started in January and I have lost SIX POUNDS since then. I am 5"1, 160 lbs, goal weight 120.   In that time, I have: cut back portions, increased colorful food, drank nothing but water and herbal tea,   limited chocolate intake to one 1/2 inch square eo day, cut out soda, started exercising (only seriously since 2/18). I'm aiming for 30 min interval cardio 2x a week, 60 min...
3/15 30 min interval tm 15 min weights - arms   690/1000
3/14 60 min swim   645/1000   Next week is spring break - hoping I can keep up the workouts.
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