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This thread has been removed and will not be returned. Please keep our user agreement in mind when posting as well as our Guidelines for posting in the Case Against Circumcision forum. Quote: The discussion of or reference to religion is outside of the scope of this forum. Any posts which bring any aspect of religion into the discussion are not appropriate and will be removed. Some discussions of this nature can be hosted in the Religious Studies forum...
This thread has been removed and will not be returned. Please remember our user agreement when posting a thread. If you have a question about a removed thread, please ask, do not post about it on the boards.
This thread has been removed due to a user agreement violation and will not be returned. Please keep in mind our user agreement when posting. Quote: Do not start a thread to discuss member behavior or statements of members made in other threads or to criticize another discussion on the boards. Do not post to a thread to take direct issue with a member. If you feel a member has posted or behaved inappropriately in a discussion, communicate directly with...
Hi, this thread is going way off topic. Let's respect the OP and go back to discussing Student loan repayment relief. If you would like to discuss something else, then please feel free to start a thread in the appropriate forum. Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread
This thread has been temporarily removed due to a user agreement violation. The thread will be reviewed and if possible the violations will be addressed and the thread returned for discussion.
Quote: Originally Posted by llamalluv So, if "disturbing" and "depressing" stuff is not hosted, does that mean people aren't allowed to post about their marriage problems? Because I find those threads depressing. We closed News & Current Events and Politics. If members would like to talk about their marriage they may do so in Parents as Partners or even Personal Growth if the problem fits there.
The N&CE and Politics moderators have posted on some of the other threads in Q&S today. The decision to close the forums was not due to moderator burn out. In-fact, the moderators of those forums worked very hard with us to keep the forums open. There were several reasons the forums were closed but the main reason was the volume of violations that were creating huge workload on both the moderators and the administrators. We did try several different strategies to...
This thread has been temporarily removed for copyright concerns. We will work with the OP and try to resolve this issue so that the thread can be returned. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdinaL No one can change the balance of who posts in the forums, other than the posters themselves. Our job is not to recruit even amounts of people from both sides of every issue to have a conversation. The bottom line is that if people are posting within the UA, they are free to post, and people are free to refute, respond and discuss right back. Adina you made a great point. When we ask someone to be a moderator...
At this point it is permanent. However, we will keep an open mind and are willing to look into it again in the future.
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