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My ds has attended a wonderful public school these past few years. In fact, we moved from a private school to a public school because of teacher issues. They have uniforms, high, high parent involvement/PTA, they are moving towards being a "green" school, art enrichment programs, before school spanish/french classes, great teachers and fabulous parents/kids. Alot of parents in the community say that it seems like its a public school with a "private" school feel. ...
Welcome Diana! I met Diana here at MDC after the loss of her dh. My dh had died in January of 2000 and we have shared so much over the years. She is such a gift and feel that this forum is so lucky to have her. Her honesty, her stories and committment to Natural Family Living has enriched my life and I hope her wisdom will touch everyone here in this forum, as it has touched me. I am stepping down from Moderating after volunteering here at MDC since 2001. Due to...
Lighting a candle for your loved one. Hugs, Lisa
I wish I had an answer for you. For me, doing things to help memorialize my loved one, helped me and my pain. I still cried while memorializing them, but I was having pain with a purpose. The pain was so maddening that "doing" something, helped me live with the day to day loss. How do we live without our loved ones? Somehow, we just do. But not without missing their beautiful presence in our lives. Our grief ebbs and flows like the ocean. Some days are worse then...
You are a beautiful writer. Thank you for sharing your story, feelings and daughter with us. I am so painfully sorry for the loss of your sweet daughter. Hugs, Lisa
I am so sorry for you, your SIL and your entire family. It does reshape a family and its dynamics, loss changes everything. The way we think about life, death, our purpose here and who we are as a person. Grief can be like ocean waves, you have your highs and lows. Just know that this community is here to listen and support you and surround you with love and light. Much Love, Lisa
My heart goes out to you and your family. I am so painfully sorry for you all. Thank you for taking the time to let our community know. Please know that we are here to listen and hold you in this time of profound grief. Lighting a candle for Kundalini-mama, Lisa
Lighting a candle for her and her dear family. Hugs, Lisa
Lighting a candle for your Uncle Hugs, Lisa
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...year+old+death Here is a link that might be helpful to you. My ds was 3 yo, when my dh died. But since we have a different background, we did explain to him about heaven. You could gently explain to her about what death is, in simple terms. You don't need to tell her that he died at the hospital, but just talk about what happens to the body when it dies. Also maybe explain how the memories of the loved one is still with you,...
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