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You family sounds so similar to ours. My heart reaches out to you and your family right now. I lost my Mother 2 years ago and there are days where the grief still hits me. THis is such precious time for the two of you. When my Mom was dying, we did alot of memory making. Pictures, trips, hand casting and prints, "Memory Books", etc. Those items are all so dear to me now and are great to share with the kids. Please know that we are here to listen and support you...
So sorry to hear about your dear friend's sweet baby. Here is a link to a wonderful Pregnancy and Birth Loss thread that might be helpful to you: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=130836 Warmly, Lisa
We had to put our beloved 17 year old golden down a few months ago because he could no longer walk and his body was shutting down. He was a member of our family and our best friend. It was such a painful process for the entire family and at the time, my ds was 10 and dd was 3, almost 4. My ds understood what we were facing and decided to go to the vet with us when we put our Boomer down. My ds made the choice not to be in the room when he was put down and my dh...
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...year+old+death I hope this link provides you with some answers. When my dh died, my ds was 3 years old. We kept things very basic and talked about how his body died, but how his soul continued to live on. Recently, we had to put down our 17 year old golden retriever and at the time, my dd was 3 years old. At first she didn't grasp the concept of death. But after a month, the grief set in and the emotions really arose for her. ...
Remembering your Mama. Hugs, Lisa
Remembering your dear husband. Hugs, Lisa
I'm 5'0 and 100 lbs. and my all time favorite ring sling that has fit the best is my Oopa. Love the pocket, the shoulder style and plus they are gorgeous! My 4 year old still can fit in it too! Good Luck, Lisa
Lighting a candle for all of us who are missing loved ones. Hugs, Lisa
Lighting candles today, Mother's Day, for my Mother and Grandmothers Clara and Rosella . Miss you all so much! Warmly, Lisa
My heart is just breaking for that family and words cannot even begin to express my sorrow and sympathies for them all. Will be sending love and light tonight . Much Love~ Lisa
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