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Thanks all for listening to my heart and tears of grief and concern. I was going to ask my parents over to lunch on Thurs., but my dad couldn't come over. So I ended up talking with him about it over the phone. It went o.k., I guess. He still wants to wait and go in July to Hawaii because he wants the whole family to be able to go. They are planning to go to Arizona in March to get some warmth and visit their siblings who are down there for the...
Sending healing prayers. Hugs~ Lisa
Our pets are such wonderful and strong members of our families. When we are grieving, they comfort us. They protect and love us unconditionally. You have had multiple losses within the year. That makes it so hard. You might want to go to the library and check out some children's books for your dd that talks about loss and also how to keep their memory alive. I am so sorry and please know that we are here for you. Hugs~ Lisa
j'smommy~ I am SO, SO, SO sorry. It has been so hard to watch my mom go through this. If you would like to pm me about any info., please do so. Sadly, I have some bad news and will be updating everyone on my mom's condition below. On Christmas Eve, my mom was taken to the hospital and was there for 5 days. It was due to having 2 bacteria's in her system. Her immune system is so surpressed and she can't fight off anything. On Tues., we met w/the U of W...
Diana~ You were deep in my thoughts during the holiday/anniversery season. I still remember when you first came to MDC after just loosing Mitch. Your gentle and wise presence here and kind words have brought myself and I know others great comfort. Survival~ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sometimes when we are drowning in our grief, it doesn't feel like we will ever survive. Especially when people are cruel. Yes, having Amber this year really helped lift my spirits. But sadly, my...
You are such a dear sweet wife for posting here. The "what if's", no matter what the situation surrounding the loss of a loved one, can drive you crazy. I remember one book called "Surviving the Loss of a Loved One" that was helpful. For me, I had to give myself time to deal with ALL the "what if's" and finally had to come to terms with how I am not going to get the answers that I want and I had to let go of processing this in my head. But please know that it took me...
I am going to copy this over to FYT. Maybe someone over there could help you. Good luck~ Lisa:bf
Sending prayers to this dear sweet boy. Warmly~ Lisa
Yes, I do receive it. I have either bought it or have subscribed to it for about 6-7 years now. I keep all of my back issues. Great for referencing and passing articles on to others (my mom just borrowed one of mine from 2001!). When I had my practice, I kept back issues in our front waiting area. Its the only magazine that I get and am proud to keep it on my coffee table~its a GREAT conversation piece when others come over!:bf Warmly~ Lisa
hey mama's~ I'm going to move this thread over to the Homebirth Forum. Good Luck ~ Lisa:bf
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