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Welcome to Spartanburg!   I second the suggestion of looking into our birth center--Labors of Love. I've  consistently heard good things about Dr. Stafford, although I've never met him myself.   Let me know if you are looking for a chiropractor--I know the best in town and he also happens to be my dh :)
That is a lot to deal with ! Sending you lots of love 
Quote: Originally Posted by Tilia I loved Crystal and Lee, of course. I thought Casey was pretty good, but not amazing. I also loved Mike Lynche as well. Usually I don't. I really hope Aaron and Andrew go home.
Quote: Originally Posted by limette Can't wait for this show to start again. me too!
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom I hope the aftercare funds for counseling and further clean-up will help those families pull through. The situation for all those kids just broke my heart. me too. This is why I don't watch the show anymore--too sad.
Steven Forrest's book The Inner Sky is a great resource too.
I know a couple of the midwives who deliver there. I haven't been to the actual facility though. Damaris Pittman is a wonderful person and a wonderful midwife. afaik she does home and birth center births.
That is so beautiful Maiasaura!
this season was pitiful. I fell asleep during the finale. I really doubt any of the top three this season would have made it near Bryant Park any other season.
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