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add us to the list! We're in the process of getting licensed to foster, with the long term goal of doing foster-adopt. I guess the immediate status would be waiting for 2nd home study.
We just finished up the Pre-service training here on the east side of the state. if you're on this side of the state I'd be glad to set you up with the folks/resources I know about here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Calee I honestly don't think this is a diss on small children co-sleeping with parents, rather a protection for older children who are adopted not having to sleep in a bed with another older child, especially of the opposite sex. Very much this. I'm much more familiar with WA foster care requirements than I am with adoption requirements, but for fostering children over the age of 5(maybe 6?) the kids must have...
A close friend of my partner has finally hit the point where she's realized that her current eating disorder relapse may kill her and she's ready to seek some help. She has no idea of a good therapist to turn to and really needs some guidance right now. I figured if anyone would have some recommendations it would be y'all. One of the things that's very important right now, is a therapist who is willing to work within two boundaries. The first is that she does not...
Yup, those kiddos are going to be much better off going from placement to placement until they age out of the system than they would be if they had a stable loving home where the parents happened to be the same sex The ignorance would be astounding if it weren't still so commonplace.
Perhaps how to trademark your business name?
Having people write checks to you would necessarily be under the table. So long as you report all of the income and pay the required taxes you don't have to have a separate "doing business as" name. Since things vary by state it's always a good idea to start by checking out your state's dept of revenue page. http://www.state.ia.us/tax/business/newbus.html SCORE is also a great resoucre http://www.score.org/index.html You'll also want to check with your city and...
I've been playing with my new jigsaw to see what kind of fun wood things I can make and then playing with milk paint to see what kind of color/finishes I can do. It's a pretty big learning process for me. Oh and not married (it's not legal and neither of us is a fan of legal marriage), no kids yet, and I'm 29
I dabble every now and then. I love your idea for customized measuring spoons. They're so much prettier than just plain.
It's so nice when you get good surprises instead of the other kind. yay for them actually cleaning up their mess, adn opefully they won't be making any of a similar kind in the future.
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