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I know it's getting toward the end of the month but I've decided I really need to join this thread, so here I am :)   a. Who you are   I'm Ashley, part time working mom of two. b. Where you are going (your financial goals) My husband and I are considering buying a house and we're trying to save up a 20% down payment.  We've been kind of bad about spending money lately, not even a lot of money but little purchases here and there that really add up.  My...
I have an anthro. degree so I know a little about this.  Humans can differentiate 5 different specific tastes: salty, savory, sweet, bitter, and sour.  Savory and Salty were to attract us to meat, bitter was to help us recognize something poisonous, sour was to help us recognize fruit/veggies that were too unripe, and sweet was to attract us to carbs. We like sugar so much because way back in the day when we were hunter-gatherers there was about a month or two when fruits...
We cloth diaper, compost, and most importantly have let go of worry about our kids staying clean outside.   
DD gets sparkling water and Komboucha (which she LOVES).  When she's sick I'll give her "natural" ginger ale.  Around Christmas she has sparkling cidar.  That's about it.  We call Komboucha "healthy soda" so I think I'm going to try and push that when soda is an option since she likes it just as much (honestly, it's hard for me to tell the difference between flavored Komboucha and soda anyway).
I have United Healthcare Choice Plus and I got them to cover my home birth in network (in Portland).  They cover home birth with a CNM.  I just had to apply for a gap exception because there were no CNMs in network who provided homebirths.  My midwife ended up being fantastic, she was a CNM and an ND, and extremely experienced.  I know some Blue Cross plans cover an ND including for childbirth and there are a couple of NDs around Portland who do home births.  I don't...
Oooh, let me see, I know most of these are on Netflix:   Torchwood Dr. Who Oz (so 90s, but still so good!) Lost Firefly Parks and Rec Supernatural
Well, we're not in NE, we're in Beaverton, but we do like meeting new people and hanging out.  I have a 4 1/2 year old DD and a 6 month old DS.  PM if you want to meet up.  Oh, and we are considering homeschooling DD so I would love to pick your brain about that :)  
I'm in Beaverton, too and have a 4 year old and 6 month old and would be happy to meet up if you're still looking :)  
Egg-based breakfast ideas: egg muffins (scramble about a dozen eggs, add sausage, bacon, and some vegggies and put them in muffin tins and cook), frittata (you can put a bunch of different veggies and meats in these), sausage patty and egg on top of a fried eggplant, egg on top of a sweet potato latke (grate sweet potato, mix with an egg and add a t cinnamon and cook in oil), egg covered drizzled with pesto, huevos rancheros (I just cover with salsa verde), omlette, a...
Thank you!  It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who views fat this way :)   I wanted to add that if you're eating a lot of coconut oil you probably want to make sure it's a high quality brand.  Tropical Traditions is supposed to be the best.  I've been using Nutiva, which is extra virgin, cold-pressed and organic, but I do want to try Tropical Traditions at some point.
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