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Hi, all!  I'm Ashley, I'm 26 I have 3 year old DD and just got my BFP today (yay!).  I guess I'm 4 weeks, so super early but we are cautiously excited.  I guess my Due Date would be September 19th or there abouts.  Anyway, that's me.  I'm excited to join :)
I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to offer you .  I'm so sorry you went through that.
We see Dr. Paul Thomas in Beaverton and he's always been respectful of our decision not to vax, the practice is called Integrative Pediatrics.  The practice DH and I see is called Integrative Primary Care Associates and it's in Northwest Portland and they are a family practice and they also see children-their children's intake form even has a section for what your beliefs about vaccines are.  You can also post in the Finding your Tribe Section for more ideas.
We put $1000 in DD's college savings account and the rest goes into savings.  We're boring :)
What worked for us was to stop nursing to sleep.  Our current routine involves nursing in the living room before bed and then putting her in bed to fall asleep.  I don't know if you'd be open to working toward letting her fall asleep by herself, but it's been Heaven for us since it started working :)  If you are, it might be worthwhile to invest in a fun nightlight (ours is this ugly orange and black art deco cat-shaped lamp that we found in my parents attic and DD loves...
I just wanted to say that Little Passports is currently half-price through Living Social.
I would second a lot of these books.  When I was 9 my mom read me Little Women and I loved it.  I also loved The Indian in the Cupboard series at that age.
Hmmm, I've just been looking into this (had Mirena taken out a few days ago and have decided I am neither going back to popping ibuprofen like it's candy nor writhing in pain for 3 days) and some of the things I've read that have been effective for people are red raspberry leaf tea, magnesium supplements, vitamin B6, and cramp bark.  You could probably try any of those. I would recommend going to the health and healing forum and searching for menstrual cramps and see...
Well, we're in Beaverton, so technically on the Westside (although a little ways from you) and would be happy to meet up.  I also go to a weekly group in Lake Oswego on Tuesdays, if you are interested in coming to that I'd be happy to give you the contact info :)
Hmmm, this is a little old, but in case you haven't left yet, our favorite places are to explore are:   The Rose Garden (the actual garden, not the stadium), OMSI (the science museum) The Chinese Gardens (these are in China town and there are a number of good restaurants within blocks of it) The Zoo NW 23rd and the Pearl district (fun for shopping) Hawthorne Street (also fun for shopping) The waterfront-it's fun to walk along the river   If you're...
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